Thursday, 10 June 2010

Blog Awards awarded [updated]

Damn. Bugger.  Blast.

The first annual Air New Zealand Best Blog Award has just been announced, and I didn’t win.

Damn. Bugger.  Blast.

Congratulations however to Cactus Kate, Dim Post, No Right Turn and Whale Oil who between them hoovered up the top prizes in what looked like a pretty fair judgement. Well, mostly fair.  ;^)  [Scroll down from the announcements to see some of the judges’ comments.]  This, in awarding Cactus the palm leaf was right on the money in describing her blog:

_quote Intelligent, persuasive and influential, with the sort of investigative journalism Metro should be publishing.”

So true.

So congratulations to Cactus and the runners up, and thanks to all of them and my regular reads, and everyone else who entered, for helping make to make it worth logging on to the internet every morning.

Still and all: Bugger.

UPDATE: The gracious and the not-so gracious:


  1. PC

    It was all worth it to know that Bomber Bradbury had to read your submissions. A wonderful thought!

    Oh, and congratulations Cactus!


  2. I am keen to give a personal award to Lisa Lewis for the best 'adult entertainment' inaugural blog awards of the year.

    There is no doubt that she will love the award given to her in person by me.

  3. "It was all worth it to know that Bomber Bradbury had to read your submissions. A wonderful thought!"

    Which was why I did it!

  4. Dude that rewards such a bad joke...but then again it is just a main stream, commercial award so does it really suprise.
    Cathys blog is just a lame shadow of some of the hilariousness of the past since a long time.
    God help us if the beach ever does return to NZ and poke her nose further into politics than now.
    Consistency of am impeccable high standard ????
    You the king

  5. I second to that of Anon's comment above. This blog is the most informative and the depth of the topics on discussion here is unmatchable by any other blogs.

    This was why I predicted last week that if virgins like Bomber Bradbury and Ricardo Simich were on the judging panel, then they would have been biased towards female bloggers. Hehe that suspicion was based on the findings of my PhD thesis.

    Also the panel lacked the depth of knowledge in order to judge the submitted articles properly. What does Regan know about property rights? She knows fuck all. How about Mathew Hooten? He too knows fuck all. It is akin to Prof. Peter Gluckman trying to judge the best peer review paper in climate science journals.

  6. Thanks Julian

    11.18pm - may take your comment more seriously if it was actually coherent.

    Miguel - Regan is a male.

    For me PC the highlight was reading Bomber's rant on you. What on earth have you done to him that makes him hate you so much!

  7. "What on earth have you done to [Bomber] that makes him hate you so much?"

    It's clearly a bad case of unrequited love. :-)

  8. Sally O'Brien12 Jun 2010, 00:56:00

    The Bomber doth protest too much, methinks.

    Hamlet Act 3, scene 2, 222–230

  9. With or without an award Not PC is still one of the top NZ blogs.


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