Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Jeff Perren: Brazilian Health Minister Says: "Have More Sex"

[Guest post from Jeff Perren at Shaving Leviathan.]

The title says it all.

But here's a snippet, anyway, just so you don't think I made it up.
"People need to be active. A weekend football game must not be the only physical activity for a Brazilian. Adults need to do exercise: walk, dance and have safe sex," said Jose Gomes Temporao.
Now, why can't we get politicians like that?


  1. Instead, Jeff, you get moralists like this:

    "As I said, sometimes sex is just sex; it's what you do when you are married. Just like cleaning the toilet is what you do to keep your house clean... and I bet you don't have this great desire or huge emotional connection to scrubbing the porcelain! You do it because it needs to be done and that's the way it is with married sex... it does need to be done! It's the glue that God gave us to bond us to one another. The bible is very clear that it is your responsibility as a spouse."

  2. Ugh! Now there's a guy who fears shaggin' standin' up 'cause it might lead to dancin'.

  3. Eating is just eating, you have a bland frozen pizza, and some water because you need to eat.

    Ascetism or a reason to not care whether you live or die.

  4. Why can't we get politicians like that?

    Because our ones are not physically appealing. Three paper bags would not be enough.

  5. Anon, you said that our politicians are not physically appealing.

    I agree that the majority of them are ugly (who wants to shag Metiria Turei?), but there is always an exception to the norm. I can shag Jacinda all night long and never get bored with her.

  6. Pro-Capitalist29 Apr 2010, 11:08:00

    Casanova, I suspect that you would also enjoy shagging Tariana Turia too, wouldn't you? Well, your name suggests that you wouldn't turn down any offer of sex from anyone, let alone an attractive & hot female MP such as Tariana Turia. Am I correct?

  7. Cassanova

    Then you need a fourth paper bag. There wouldn't be much of your stomach left over after that.

  8. Pro-Capitalist, I am sorry, but I only shag hot chicks. The only time I shagged fat, ugly women was when I worked as a male escort during my varsity days. It was good money for a student, because our escorting services (me & 3 others) were popular with rich women in their early 40s to mid 50s from Remuera, Mission Bay and St Heliers. Some of them were divorcees at the time and a few were just being very lonely since their husbands mostly traveled overseas for businesses & up to months away from home.


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