Tuesday, 30 March 2010

When religionists and unionists attack together

I see the anti-Easter-trading busybodies are out early this year.  So here’s a classic Nick Kim cartoon for all the interfering wowserhood.


Moral of the story: The state still owns your shop at Easter. And it still owns you all year.


  1. Oh Well, I'm gonna be running a gig thats selling piss on Good Friday.

    Take that busybodies.


    defending your right to get pissed this easter.


  2. Grab a clip board, visit businesses that are open but shouldn't be, do your best bureaurat impersonation, ask them if they are aware of the Easter Trading Laws, then hit them with a certificate, something along the lines of "On a day the guvmint has deemed inappropriate for the voluntary trade of value for value we salute you for your stand against such laws" Include some Libz propaganda, good to go.



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