Saturday, 27 February 2010

GUEST POST: My new pin-up girl is Ann McElhinney

Guest post by Jeff Perren

Nicole Gelinas and Heather MacDonald at City Journal, Kimberly Strassel at the Wall St. Journal, Caroline Baum at Bloomberg, the mighty Veronique du Rugy at Reason... all fine thinkers. But — fickle heel that I am — I have to declare my new devotion to the heroic Ann McElhinney.

Ms. McElhinney is the director/producer of "Not Evil Just Wrong" – a smackdown of Gore's An Inconvenient Truth and other viro nonsense — and a defense of mining called, "Mine Your Own Business."

Writing at the Big Hollywood blog site, Ms. McElhinney urges James Cameron, director of Avatar* to grow up. That will never happen, of course, but in the process she does a superb job of defending human extraction of the Earth's resources for human benefit. Her argument is so simple even a Hollywood director could follow it:

    “Mining makes everything about James Cameron’s life and our lives in the developed world, beautiful, possible, bearable, majestic, gorgeous and full of promise.
    “The people of the rain forest on the other hand who live the simple, organic, back-to-nature life so adored by the Hollywood elite such as James Cameron, also have short lives of misery, disease and squalor. They would do anything to have a piece of the James Cameron life and escape their subsistence hunter-gathering nightmare. . .
    “Mining companies bring jobs, roads, infrastructure, health clinics and opportunities to some of the poorest people on the planet.”
    “James Cameron, even more than rest of us, uses the earth’s resources for his pleasure and his very profitable business. His films all employ enormous quantities of heavy metals in planes, boats, trains and the latest cutting edge camera, lighting and computer technology.
Everything about Cameron’s work uses metals mined from somewhere and his gigantic transport needs are fueled by oil.”

So that's why I'm in love with Ann McElhinney, 'cause I just can't resist a woman with really big b-b-b-brains. I'm pretty sure this one's going to last.

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* Best quote ever on that silly piece of viro propaganda, Avatar:

Hollywood: For their own gain, Military and corporate villains kill and pillage a peaceful indigenous population that is in tune with Mother Nature.
Reality: In Haiti, Mother Nature kicks the hell out of a backward, indigenous population and American military and corporations immediately come to their comfort and aid.
[From a commenter at HotAir, Feb 22, 2010 - 2:11 pm]


  1. Is Ann McElhinney a sister of Cactus Kate? Umm, I don't know, but I think that Ann McElhinney is hotter than Cactus I think. I only saw Cactus once at Auckland blogger's drinks.

  2. Doubtful. I'm pretty sure Ms. McElhinney is Irish born and bred.

  3. Actually, this stupid piece of cenematic crap is even more insidious and sick than you have portrayed, Jeff.

    The underlying theme is not only anti-mining and anti-progress, but it is also deeply anti-human. Humans are presented as a rapacious and evil species and the 'hero' ends up going over to the side of the aliens, thus not only betraying the miners, but also his own SPECIES. The not-so-subtle propaganda message here being that humanity itself is so evil that membership of it is a dirty and negative state.

    Beat that for sick..... How is it that almost the whole world sucks up this anti-human moronic shit? How will we deal with the psychological fallout of this type of brainwashing in the years to come as the kids who watch this grow up?

  4. I am tod that the New Zealand special effects organisation owned by Peter Jackson did all the heavy lifting on this "Avatar" movie. they made the special effects work and provided the technology. Cameron was reponsible for getting the story up and finding backing/funding the film etc.

    Perhaps someone might suggest to Jackson and his band of merry men that they remember the old saying, "When you lie with dogs you get up with their fleas."


  5. Lets hope its not the last we see/hear of PC's new pinup girl!
    Avatar? Actually fell asleep during the movie. Woke up to find there was a final 'fight scene' to sit through. Left. More fool me for going in the first place.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. See this video of what originally got McElhinney motivated.

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