Wednesday, 6 January 2010

‘My Alcoholic Friends’

Right. Here’s a song for everyone drying out after a rambunctious holiday season.

And for everyone else who’s still going, there’s Bloggers Drinks as usual tomorrow evening (first Thursday of the month, you see) at Galbraith’s, 6:30pm. All welcome.

Come along and buy Cameron Slater a drink.  After paying for his lawyers, he’ll need one.



Blogger Ruth said...

After paying for his lawyers, he’ll need one.

I think you've got that wrong bro...after paying for his lawyers we'll need one.

6 Jan 2010, 14:02:00  
Blogger Harold said...

I know it was in a different post, but thanks for posting that demolition video. What a charming accent.

6 Jan 2010, 15:27:00  
Blogger Greig McGill said...

Speaking of music, I was just reading this and look just who might be a closet libertarian!

Bono: It hurts me to say this about democracy (and I know because my band is one), but rarely does majority rule produce something of beauty.

I nearly died.

6 Jan 2010, 21:00:00  
Blogger Greig McGill said...

Whoops. Wrong link. Here's the right one.

6 Jan 2010, 21:01:00  
Blogger Vijay Chakravarthy said...

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7 Jan 2010, 00:37:00  
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