Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ding dong, the witch is gone [update 3]

A_260209NZHDPFITZSMONS10_220x147 Which old witch? The Fitzsimons witch of course. 

The former Green co-person leader thingy steps down from parliament, effective immediately, having handed the party over to a new generation of communists young leaders who show all the signs of running the Fitzsimplesimons/Donald party vehicle into the ground.

We can but hope.

It’s certainly true that with the departure of Jeanette, the Greenwash is gone for good: the last real environmentalist is gone, and the Greens are down to their communist rump.

Now you’re probably wondering why I’d be calling her a witch when she’s everyone’s favourite Mrs Nice.  Fair question.  The problem is that while she cooks a mean lentil bake, and can even be great fun when she isn’t also being Mrs Worthy, the anti-industrial policies she and her party espouse will send us straight to hell. 

You wouldn’t buy an insurance policy from someone just because they smiled nicely.  You’d ask to look at their policies. So it is, or was, with Jeanette. While she smiled nicely, the policies she was pushing were always pure poison.*

_Gareth It’s so much easier with the youngster replacing her in Parliament, one Gareth Hughes. It’s so much easier to ‘see the joins.’ Jeanette at least had a brain. Gareth has . . . well, see for yourself.  His CV “boasts” such accomplishments as “being arrested dressed as Ronald McDonald,” climbing buildings and “unfurling a protest banner in Tiananmen Square.” Well, one out of three ain’t bad. He has a blogSort of. And he employs “Climate Campaign Interns” for Greenpeace.

Promoting himself before the last election the baby-faced Gareth Hughes told his adoring audience his “motivation for standing [for the Greens] is my new baby son.”

     "He deserves, when he is older, not to have to ask for the right to bring a child into this world."

Whatever the hell that means. Perhaps he still thought he was back in Tiananmen Square. Passing over that inanity he concludes, to canned applause,

    "In 2008, we're going to show that future generations are bigger than politics..."

And obviously bigger, too, than things like basic logic.

Oh, and just to show that Gareth’s house has the full set, you might like to know that Gareth’s wife Meghan released her own informal law and order policy at the Green Party blog before the last election, announcing that for any "proud activist ... within reasonable limits a bit of trespass, a bit of property damage, a bit of general disruption is fine. Quite fun, too."

Since one searches in vain for a law and order policy at the Greens' site, one can only assume that this is at least this is indicative of the Greens' general attitude to people and their property, if not their general approach to law and order.

It almost makes Hone Harawira look sane.

* * * *

* The oddity here is that despite their obvious lunacy, Green Party policies are now “mainstream” with every other parliamentary party.  Which just shows you how, if you run on ideas (even bad ones), you can’t but help to have a victory.

UPDATE 1: Whale Oil puts it bluntly:

    “The last real envi­ron­men­tal­ist has resigned from the Greens leav­ing the Com­mu­nist takeover of the Green part complete.”

UPDATE 2: Blunt offers a ‘tribute’ to the New Greens.



UPDATE 3: ‘Headline of the Day’ award goes to Keeping Stock for their welcome to young Gareth:

Send in the Clown



  1. It's notable that Gareth got over 2000 votes at the last election, after uttering that dribble, which illustrates.
    A) The ability of some candidates
    B) The ability of some voters.

  2. Having my own blog and no dedicated cause for it means I blather on about all sorts. Some may call me silly for that.

    I've just read some of Gareths posts.

    What a moron. A rebel without a brain.


  3. don't forget she once said Don Brash wanted to destroy Maori culture and shackle women to the home - utter lies, but with a gentle demeanour. Been over 10 years since she said that it was the last Xmas you could eat potatoes you can trust. Anyone who trusts vegetables needs to be stepped away from with care of course!

  4. Sean Fitzpatrick28 Jan 2010, 12:36:00

    Gareth was candidate in my electorate last election - I knew even then I was up against a talentless pinhead. This means in 2011 I will be up against 4 sitting MP's. All being paid a full time salary by the taxpayer to campaign.

  5. Did this green idiot Gareth, attend high school at all? He looks like an illiterate person for sure where he can't use his faculty of reasoning at all.

  6. Sean Fitzpatrick28 Jan 2010, 13:20:00

    @Fat Girl

    According to his listing on the Green website -

    Gareth grew up in Gisborne, where he was interested in cars and rugby before moving to Wellington, to study religious studies and history. At Victoria University, Gareth became a vegetarian and developed a passion for environmental campaigning. He worked for Greenpeace New Zealand and Australia from 2000-2005. During that time, he was a volunteer activist on the Climbing action team member and a Boat action team member. Gareth was a crew member of the Rainbow Warrior on the 2004 Bottom Trawling expedition. He worked for Greenpeace in various roles for 5 years. He currently works as the Green Party climate campaigner.

    Gareth is married to wife Meghan and they have a seven month old son - Arlo. Gareth has been involved in successful campaigns to stop the use of genetically engineered feed by chicken companies in New Zealand, a highlight of which was getting arrested as Ronald McDonald. He has sailed on the Rainbow Warrior and was part of the campaign to ban bottom trawling in international waters. Gareth takes an active role in the climate change debate in New Zealand, one highlight was touring the country with Jeanette and Russel on the Climate Defence Tour.

    Community involvements
    Gareth has been an official delegate for Save Happy Valley (2006-2007). He was a Wellington member organising media events and fundraising events. Gareth was the NZ Delegate and blogmanager at Nairobi conference of the Global Young Greens (2006-2007), From 2006 to 2007 he part of the Students of Aotearoa network for the Environment and from 2002 to 2004 was an active member of Eco Action.

    At 26 years of age, Gareth is the youngest Green Party electorate candidate. Gareth used to be a boy racer, worked in a fish and chip store, a supermarket, he’s been a radio DJ, a telemarketer, a pamphlet deliverer, a hospital orderly, a barman, and a fundraiser. Since then, Gareth has been arrested dressed as Ronald McDonald, learnt to climb buildings and unfurled a protest banner in Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

    So simply put he has spent most of his life being a full time activist for one trendy cause or another. About as much real world experience as the plastic scoop you find inside a box of soap powder.

  7. Sean,

    I interpret that meaning of full time activist as someone who bludges of others. Are you sure that this guy wasn't on the dole? Being an activist doesn't earn you money at all, since it is work for free, but that simply means that he has some form of income coming from somewhere in order to support himself. There must be some form of (state) welfare for idiots like him.

    Can WINZ and Paula release any records of Gareth to the public so that voters can see who are they voting for? Is this guy a leecher from the state's teats or not?

  8. "So simply put he has spent most of his life being a full time activist for one trendy cause or another. . . "

    . . . and moved from one sent of religious studies to another.

  9. Sean Fitzpatrick28 Jan 2010, 14:03:00

    @Fat Girl

    Possible but I do not know. To be fair groups like Greenpeace do have a lot of money and do pay people to work for them. My main beef is that this is someone who has spent the bulk of their time telling other people how to run their lives rather than getting one of his own. And next year he will be spending my tax money to run in my seat along with 3 others.

  10. So this is really my last opportunity to write "Genetic Fitzsimons".

    I long for the days when someone invents a nuclear power station that consumes CO2, and someone genetically engineers a strain of cannabis to remove all the impediments to its acceptance in society. Then the Green Party will disintegrate into multiple fragments.

  11. It can't be a good time to be green. In fact, judging by the lack of a spirited defence to my comments at Hot Topic, the green left seem to have come down with a bad case of the skitters.

  12. He already has ensured his carbon footprint will last, having bred.

    The hypocrites who want less carbon emissions who breed, who "care so much" about children in developing countries, so produce their own instead of adopting orphans from elsewhere.

  13. To quote the immortal bard Eric Cartman...."This guy really has sand in his vigina"...


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