Saturday, 7 November 2009

Weekend ramble

Here’s your weekend ramble round the best liberty links on the ‘net. {As always, you get them first at my Twitter page.]

  • Here’s yet another "success" for advocates of “youth rates” and minimum wage laws to cheer about: New Zealand's youth unemployment rate is now 25.1%
    And the number of working age New Zealanders now collecting a “main benefit” was 274,605 in November last year, 323,160 in August this year – which was just over 7% of the country’s entire population - & will be up even more this quarter.  (Can’t wait for those figures.)  And this doesn’t count those on Welfare for Working Families.
    No wonder the country’s broke.
  • Meanhile, do you want to see why Rodney Hide's dip into your pocket cost you so much? How do you spell Hawaiian holiday for two?
  • Fort Hood shooter says "Muslims have to stand up against the aggressor." Yeah, right.
  • Matthew Hooton explains that property rights in the Foreshore and Seabed have to be recognised. Yes, that Matthew Hooton! Good writing. Great arguments. Some of them even sound familiar...
  • New book recommended to me for parents: 'Raising Freethinkers: A Practical Guide for Parenting Beyond Belief'
  • Red State Democrats Read The Election Returns [hat tip Noodle Food] [That's good news!]
  • Yaron Brook on Religion and the Rise of Capitalism.  How did capitalism arise in places with Christian ethics? Answer: It’s a miracle!
  • Cato Institute explains about the double standard on Nazism and Communism: Why, for instance, do  you rarely hear about the atrocities of Soviet communism?
  • 'My Thirty Years With AynRand' - Leonard Peikoff does better Rand biography than any of the current crop of blowhards. And offers an insight into induction . . .
    Listen here:
  • Rodney Hide the Hypocrite - you know it.
  • It's official: Warmism is a religion, says British court.
  • Praying Won't Make It So:...
  • Welcome to the November 5th, 2009 edition of the Objectivist Blog Roundup..
  • Monday marks 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. From 1961 to 1989 the Wall was THE symbol of the tyranny of the totalitarian state.
  • Oklahoma plans to build “a Christian prison” ... which doesn’t mean quite what it sounds. Sadly,. it means a prison to be administered by Christians, which gives Christian criminals special privileges.
  • Lindsay Mitchell is a "bullshit troll," apparently.

Here’s Phil Manzanera:

"The main political problem is how to prevent the police power from becoming tyrannical. This is the meaning of all the struggles for liberty.”
- Ludwig Von Mises

  • That’s today’s National Party for you: Tough on crime, tough on the rights of the innocent.
  • Even The Standard’s bloggers understand: “We are continuing our chilling progress towards a surveillance state.”
    Guilty until proven innocent
  • The Wall Street Journal looks at fears of new bubbles as more and more of governments’ "Counterfeit Capital" keeps pouring Into markets . . .
  • A sad day for democracy & liberty - a sad day for Europe – and a sad day for Vaclav Klaus, as Czech courts force him to sign up to the EU’s Lisbon Treaty.
  • Take the Harvard University "raaaaacism" test. On such "research" as this are great theories made, apparently. [Hat tip Tim Blair]
  • Ridiculous “RAAACISM” charge o' the day. AFLCIO suffers delusions after seeing Chamber of Commerce ad.
  • Want to buy an "eco car"? Then it's a Holden performance ute with a 6.2-litre V8 engine you'll be wanting, buster.
  • One of my houses featured in this month's Waikato Times’ 'House & Lifestyle' magazine. [PDF]
    Naturally, the designer is not mentioned. . .
  • Google Maps’ mashup of threatened or arrested bloggers around the world:
  • Whale Oil has been chasing up another example of bureaucratic oxygen theft: Te Reo Marama and the Maori Smoking crowd. This is Troughing 102
  • This is neat: A three-part chapter-by-chapter discussion of AtlasShrugged by the Ayn Rand Center’s Dr. Onkar Ghate (Caution: Plot Spoilers)
  • Here’s a History Fun Fact courtesy of the Cato Institute: Ayn Rand Liked Education Tax Credits:
  • Here’s a quote to contemplate: 'To feed a starving child is to exacerbate the world population problem.'- Lamont Cole, environmentalist. Nice people, these environmentalists.
  • Lindsay Mitchell talks to Paul Henry about National's timid plans to limit welfare spending.
  • Support for Obama's climate policies is waning . . . for now.
  • The "recovery in risky assets" is looking like another Fed-driven bubble, says Nouriel Roubini.  We’re looking at the toxic assets of tomorrow.
  • "If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning ..." – here’s the perfect gift for a Green, this Christmas.
  • Dealers say federal clunkers program has made cheap, used vehicles harder to find. Who would ‘a thunk it, eh?

Here’s more Phil Manzanera (damn, he’s good):


“Remember remember the fifth of November. And its lessons: it takes more than a few kegs of gunpowder to beat govt.”
- Brad Taylor

  • From the almost-Darwin-Awards file: "Man dressed as a Breathalyzer for Halloween is arrested for DUI"
  • THEN: “News is what they don’t want you to hear.” NOW: “News is what the hack receives in a press release."
  • Is “deflation” beginning? "You should not be afraid of deflation. You should be afraid of policies attempting to fight it."
  • Insight from The Onion: BREAKING NEWS: Afghan Presidential Election Winner Hamid Karzai Receives Consolatory Phone Call From White House.
  • Cato Institute reflects on Communism: Twenty Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall
  • DRUG WAR: Republican Jessica Corry argues for legal marijuana on Fox.
  • While the Nats just tinker with our welfare burden, we need to wonder: what is their ultimate goal for welfarism in NZ? DO they even have one?
  • "A slew of Ayn Rand links" here courtesy of Marginal Revolution:
  • Numbers on NZ Invalids Benefit [a place to hide the growing unemployed] have been increasing well above the rate of population growth.
  • Put me on the list of people who are NOT fans of Middlemore Hospital.
  • My name is Peter, and I'm a busybody.
  • Two pages you need to read: The fact prices are stable or rising in some sectors, indicates that inflation is already spreading across the economy.
  • Hallensteins defends having a murderer depicted on their clothing.
  • Some of the country’s most highly-paid beneficiaries make their case for your support.

Here’s Kevin Ayers.  Not bad for a hippy.


“Asset confiscation, suspension of the right to silence, and wider search and surveillance powers for a huge range of government departments.
Must be a Tory government, eh?”
- The Dim Post

And finally, a short poem by philosopher Stephen Hicks to take away with you tonight

A 3am Poem, After a Midnight Snack
Burrito. Mistake.
Now stomach ache.


Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous Nick said...

Peter, I'd love to know what you have to say about this story:

And in particular, this quote:

"Commissioner Joris de Bres says unlike students wearing Nazi uniforms or schoolboys bowing to a swastika Mr Harawira's comments are not a breach of the Human Rights Act, because he is entitled to freedom of expression."

7 Nov 2009, 15:49:00  
Anonymous Sus said...

Ah, different standards for different colours. Don't you love it! It was called apartheid in another country ...

A bold PM would dismiss de Bres for that breathtaking hypocrisy. Let's see what happens.

7 Nov 2009, 16:10:00  
Blogger PC said...

@Nick: Joris De Bres is a Marxist, so all his "analysis" depends on which "class" you're in.

That's nuts, but by "class analysis" therefore Hone is a comrade, and rich white Grammar boys aren't. That's about as far as you can take Mr De Bres.

7 Nov 2009, 16:10:00  
Blogger Canterbury Atheists said...

Oi Peter, as chance would have it I ordered the re-mastered '801 Live' album off Galaxy Records last week.



9 Nov 2009, 10:40:00  
Blogger Marm said...

Love the fishing license one!

9 Nov 2009, 11:20:00  

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