Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Leaky homes series: Update

Just to let you know that Part 3 of my series on leaky homes will continue Thursday with commentary on  the cost of repairs, and how rent-seeking “experts,” gold-plated “belt and two braces” regulations, and the practice of apportioning blame with a shotgun  -- and not where it actually lies -- are making the nightmare worse for many good people.
Here’s the series up to now:


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  2. Thanks for these posts on leaky homes - it's been a real eye opener and very informative. I continue to be amazed at how James Hardie have been virtually silent on the issue, AND get away with said silence, cheers Lee

  3. A part of the problem for some home builders/buyers was trying to get maximum square metres floor area from their funds available. Cheap products and poor research. Polystyrene plastered cladding ffs. Yeh right!

  4. When will the leaky homes part 3 be posted (I thought it was to be thursday just gone?
    Cheers & congratulations on an informative & accurate read


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