Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Bad girls get ‘B’s

Now here’s a protest I can really get behind:


Apparently it’s a protest by FEMEN, a Ukrainian women movement, denouncing sexual harassment in Ukrainian universities. Or something.

More here.

There used to be a sign hung in some offices saying ‘Sexual Harassment Will Be Graded.” No one would bother with a feminazi, but this lot look deserving of an A+ effort.


  1. Bag packed.

    Ticket to Ukraine booked.

    Leave tomorrow morning at 7:30am.

  2. I would love to spank those girls not with my bare hands but with something much harder but softer once they feel it. I think that they will sing ooh la la!!!

  3. Yeah. Um. That's not creepy at all.

  4. It's nasty how you're not seeing the point. Their actions are provocative, but designed to make you think about gender justice. Instead of being nothing but a sex consumer, try to consider the deep gender inequalities still existent.


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