Thursday, 29 October 2009

Why is this woman so happy? [updated]

bradford_320 She is the face of MMP, and now she's gone.

She said she would save New Zealand's children from their parents and guardians, yet still the murders continue at the rate of ten a year.  And now she has left the building.

She demonised those opposed to her as beaters, as bashers, as hitters of children – smearing good parents while doing nothing at all to protect children from bad ones. And now she’s out of there.

She all but nationalised your children, and having done all she can do there she’s now delivered her last speech in NZ's parliament.

She joined the party that carried an environmental banner – observing it was “ripe for takeover” – never once even giving lip service to the party’s raison d'être.  She used it instead to advance her own back-door agendas, and now she’s off.

“Years spent ‘proletarianising’ herself in the Progressive Youth Movement, the Workers Communist League and the Unemployed Workers Movement” (as Chris Trotter describes) were put to good use infiltrating the mung-bean eaters and effecting the reverse take-over of the Greens by the Alliance.  (More links on some of that here.) And now she’s on to other means by which to advance that same agenda – and that dear reader, is why she’s smiling.

Retired from Parliament because she says the Greens are not red enough for her. That’s enough right there to tell you her aims.

She has been unquestionably the most effective Maoist in NZ politics -- from the backbenches of the Green lists, a woman never voted in by an electorate has changed New Zealand family life for the worse. Because it was never just about smacking, you know.

She has retired from NZ central government politics, but her lust to change others’ lives, with or without their consent, is still undiminished. And I’m sorry to spoil your celebrations, but do you know what and where she has her gimlet eye set on now?

I'll give you a clue: You know the bloated bureaucracy that Rodney Hide is building up in Auckland; the "super-council" that will dominate Auckland; the megalith of power that with his recent U-turn will not be restrained to its core business but instead can range far and wide across whatever landscape it chooses, including yours? That can pick whatever pockets it wants, including yours? Yes, that council.

BoxedUPSue And guess what? Bradford's got her eye on a job as Auckland Super-City councillor, and the job deputy mayor is being discussed – playing Iago to Len Brown's Othello. 

She’s moving her boxes out of  one power-base, and wants to move them straight into another.

She’s left the front door of politics, and Rodney Hide is delivering her the vehicle to drive straight in again through the back door. He’s offering up the city on a plate, and Sue’s just the woman to eat it.

How does that work for you? Any ratepayers of Auckland care to comment?  Any supporters of the big bureaucracy like to promote it?  Any supporters of Rodney Hide like to explain themselves?


  1. It's about time that commies like Bradford, should vacate politics and do something useful with their time, such as running a business to employ & pay above market rates to those underpaid unionists that they claim to represent.

  2. She claims that the 'anti-smacking' bill was the highlight of her career in politics - rejected by 87.4% of the NZ electorate. It's nice to know that you are so cherished, Sue.

  3. Yes, and she's not alone. The fact that her "achievements" are lauded by the MSM as "caring" indicates a frightening degree of compliance with her aims.

    And WTF has happened to Rodney Hide ?

    Rodney famously declared global warming a hoax, (to thwart the ambitions of Winston Peters ?) but hasn't spoken about it since. He had a private members bill that could have curbed the bureaucracy, but it's died, and he has the support of Sir FlatTax in parliament. But what has been achieved ?

  4. It was always my concern that Bradford would take her snout out of one bureaucratic trough and place it in another. It seemed the most likely scenario.

    Russell, communists don't work in private industry, it is against the whole philosophy.

    The state controlling *everything* and all.

    I doubt that any business owner would be willing to hire her either, and if they were so stupid to do so...

  5. This reminds me of this little gem.


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