Friday, 25 September 2009

Bye-bye Bradford [update 3]

How disappointing it is to hear that Sue Bradford is leaving Parliament in October to go “back to the grassroots,” a decision that all New Zealand families should celebrate.

Disappointing?  Hell no. It’s worth celebrating! With both her and Cindy Kiro gone from power, your children are safer now than they were yesterday – unless of course they end up at her Kotare indoctrination centre, which I imagine is the sort of thing she means by “grass roots.” (Here’s part two of Trevor Loudon’s info on the place.)

So shall we try to say something nice about her now she’s going?

Nah.  Every single thing she’s done has been an attack on your freedom. There’s nothing to respect in that.

She joined the Green Party to further her own Maoist agenda, assisting in the “reverse  take-over” of the Greens by the Alliance party’s fellow travellers – the party was was “ripe for taking over” she said (read Phil U.’s account here at Update 3 of Bradford and Catherine Delahunty, fresh from Matt McCarten’s NLP) -- and New Zealand’s electorate was ripe for the Greenwash she and her comrades were able to peddle after that take over.

Her legacy is not just her anti-smacking attack on New Zealand’s parents, but the hijack of environmentalism by the ‘watermelon’ politicians of that party, and their cementing in of that ruse.

Sadly however, her resignation doesn’t denude the Greens of MPs since there’s another loser like her in the wings, a Mr David Clendon, who’s been feeding from the RMA trough all his career -- with a CV which has him morphing from “Resource Consultant” to lecturer in the RMA, ie., from parasite to brainwasher.

Choice, huh.  “What really motivated me” to stand for the luddites said the really unmotivating Clendon at the Greens conference last year, is "the ability the Greens have, and I think it's unique, to be able to identify complex problems and to see solutions." What’s unique about the Greens, of course, is nothing more than their combination of authoritarianism and  ludditery – with a a caucus composed almost entirely of the intellectual remnants of the Socialist Workers’ Party they’re little more than a bunch of  authoritarians with a marketing wing – a problem that Clendon’s CV would indicate won’t be changing with his induction.

So farewell then, Sue Bradford.  Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.

And if you’re concerned that there’s no-one left in Parliament now to really despise, then don’t forget you’ve still got Keith Locke.  And Nick Smith.

UPDATE 1Farrar looks at the personal politics:

“It’s basically because she lost the co-leadership election to Metiria Turei. Things are obviously not that happy in the Green camp. More later. “

UPDATE 2: From Home Paddock:

Kathryn Ryan interviewed RadioNZ National’s  chief reporter Jane Patterson who said the decision was prompted by Bradford’s loss of the contest for co-leadership to Metiria Turei. The interview will be online here soon  is now online here.

UPDATE 3: “Now is the chance to get out the Green broom and sweep the Red dust out of the party,” says a Greens supporter over at the Frog Blog resignation thread.  He’s right, you know.


  1. This is indeed splendid news! ..good riddance to marxist rubbish.

    (It is almost as good as the news the ghastly accented Lily Allen is retiring from the music industry)

  2. Not half as far 'down to the grassroots' as I'd like to see her go....

  3. Uhm, MMP remember - so still 7 green MPs

  4. Yee ha. But... who is due to replace her?

  5. PS Elijah, I know Lily's a slapper, but I think the accent's kinda hot.

  6. You gotta be careful there KG, last time somebody made a remark with that approximate bearing she called the police and appeared on TV all teared up, as if her virginity had been publicly deflowered. (unflowered? devoured?)

  7. How interesting. Will Klocke be next? Are we seeing Adolf's predicted removal of the Green commies as the party seeks to move to replace Labour as the 'opposition?'

    Helen's legacy - Labour's destruction.

  8. Adolf, they'd have to chuck Delahunty as well then, she's not a hair better then Klocke.

  9. Alas, I suspect she is just switching tits, from a parliamentary salary to a benefit or some such. She has form.

  10. Sue Bradford is one of the symptoms of the Greens' problem - they're radical left.

    Ele Ludemann

  11. Sean Fitzpatrick25 Sep 2009, 11:57:00

    And just how many Green MP's does it take to change a light bulb?

  12. Sue Bradford had a career in useless. Before she entered parliament, she had achieved nothing in her life. When she became an MP, she continued on with being useless. Now, she is leaving, the woman is going back to being useless.

    What a waste of life.

  13. On ZB news this morning Sue Bradford said she’d been “thinking” about the disappointment of being passed over for co-party leadership when Jeanette buggered off to tend her organic veges.

    I think she’s confusing “thinking” with “sulking”, demonstrating yet again, the authoritarian love affair with Newspeak.

    She Who Must Not Be Named is gone. A good day, indeed. (I thought it was a joke for a moment, when I heard the news break).

    What *will* be interesting is to see where she ends up now. Ordinarily it would be a union spot or similar a la Laila & the Nurses Org, but Bradford is so universally disliked that the usual suspects -- excepting the most diehard of Marxist outfits -- may be reluctant to touch her, in spite of her experience, etc.

    She may just have cooked her own goose?

    Update: Just heard that very silly cow, former NZ First MP Deborah Morris-Something -- now a spokesman for Barnados; (see what I mean?) -- congratulating Bradford for her input with regard to making children safer.


  14. "And if you’re concerned that there’s no-one left in Parliament now to really despise.."

    In our dreams! I despise the lot of 'em.

  15. Bye bye Ulrike!!

    RadioSocialism basically said that the greens were imploding; that none of the leaders after Rod & jeanette had been accepted by the "green" voters - that basically they're all down the gurgler!!


  16. As I just blogged this morning, it is the biggest boost to child safety since Michael Jackson died!

  17. Bradford was no more interested in the safety of children than fly to the moon. Taking down the systems of liberty and substituting her spiteful, authoritarian marxist dogmas is the objective. Any cause celebre is cobbed onto in the popular front. That the Bread Delivery Boy couldn't see through this and assumed statesmanlike status [in his own mind] by compromising with this wretched legislation is a sad reflection on his intelligence.

    The Greens must feel like they have been date-raped. Yes. Yes they have. Tough luck, you shouldn't go out dressed like that.


  18. Bez, last time I made a similar remark about Obama, commenter Ruth hastened to tell me the CIA was on my tail...
    Risky business, this. :-)

  19. Just out of interest, did the principled socialist stick around for the nine years, like Nandor, to get her entitlement to the pension plan?

  20. Vorwärts immer, rückwärts nimmer

  21. Mark


    The commie bitch will eternally have her snout in the trough


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