Saturday, 3 October 2009

‘Tweeting’ on my mind

Never had time to post the (ir)regular Friday Ramble yesterday, and I won’t have time either today.

So if you want you regular bunch o’links – if you want your fix of good stuff around the net to browse through over the weekend, then why not head to my Twitter page where I find the good stuff so you don’t have to waste your time with the bad stuff.

Check it out:      

And if you want to get the links ‘live’ as I post them, click ‘FOLLOW’ once you’re there.  :-)

Oh, and here’s my ‘song of the week,’ Serge Gainsbourg’s song for Brigitte Bardot, especially for Sam P . . .


PS: And just for the sake of . . .  completion, why not check out Brigitte Bardot singing Serge’s ode to the ‘Harley Davidson.’  Your weekend will instantly feel a whole lot better.

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Blogger Sam P said...

Yep, it's gooood. Both of them.

3 Oct 2009, 16:53:00  
Anonymous Jingles said...

Yes this can mine weekend better than ever.

3 Oct 2009, 19:45:00  

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