Friday, 30 October 2009

Quote of the day: The “one-letter” dismissal of global warming

"People will do anything to save the world ... except take a course in science."
    - Physicist Howard Hayden, in the email sign-off to his Open Letter to the EPA, a “one-letter” dismissal of warmist alarmism


  1. While I think that's a great quote, and that Hayden has written a succinct letter to the EPA, that line does not appear in the letter. Rather, as the website you link to points out, it is Hayden's email sign-off.

  2. If you want a clear and concise understanding of what makes a reliable and workable energy grid then read his book "The Solar Fraud".
    A review of it is here

    Also his monthly "The Energy Advocate" newsletter is interesting reading, but it is only available through the post

  3. On the other side of the debate,
    there is Raymond T. Pierrehumbert's letter to Steve Levitt (one of the authors of Superfreakonomics).
    It adresses all of Howard Hayden's concerns.

  4. I've noticed that the majority of scientists who support the AGW theory are climatologists and ecologists while the majority of scientists who challenge the theory are physicists. There is a reason for this.


  5. Monsieur

    Debate all you like. Fact is, the AGW theory is false. The facts of reality do not support it. They directly oppose it.

    In essence, the AGW movement is merely another collectivist political cult. As with all previous collectivist cults, it is based on deceit and dishonesty. As with all previous collectivist cults, it has failed. Unortunately the costs are yet to be fully borne.


  6. Yes, LG, and further to that is this:

    Whether the planet is warming *or* cooling, the alarmists would still be promoting a collectivist "save the planet" tax & imposition agenda.

    Nothing would change -- all of which proves that this is a political issue as opposed to climatic.


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