Friday, 30 October 2009

Perks busted

hood01 Those ACT MPs, eh.  Don’t they just love those baubles of office.

Did you pay your taxes so that Rodney Hide can take his girlfriend on overseas trips?

So that Roger Douglas can publish books and take holidays to see his grandchildren?

Did you vote for them to do that? 

Then more fool you, I’d say.

“I was entitled,” they whimper. 

Yeah right.  Tell that to Bill English.

Tell that to the taxpayers who’ve had to pay out of their pockets what you two should have been paying for out of yours.

You sad, immoral, duplicitous pair of bastards.

Perks? You’re busted.

Looks to me increasingly like you two need reminding what they were supposed to be standing for.

Looks to me like Rodney in particular needs some competition in Epsom 2011 to help remind him of that.


  1. Does that mean you are putting your hand up for Epsom?

  2. To be fair to Rodney Hide, if it wasn't for him, all MPs would still be entitled to the travel perk. The sunset clause, whereby only MPs elected before '99 get it, was the best he could do with 120 self-interested MPs at the time.

    It's just human nature unfortunately. The travel perks are a glamorous bauble that is actually, compared to what MPs could be creaming off, pretty cheap. If you start clamoring too loudly for them to remove it, the MPs would probably just increase their salaries accordingly, and to greater cost.

  3. Er!!! Leave Rodney Hide alone.

    Well done Rodney Hide (I mean for scoring that chick). It seems that young chicks these days, within my target age group are going for older men. That means that there are no chicks available for blokes like me in that age group. Perhaps us blokes can target younger ones in the age bracket [20, 25].

  4. Unfortunatly for you Cactus Kate fisks the Heralds beat up of Rodney and shows he's hardly gourging himself on the taxpayers tit.

    And he is entitled to a private life too.....when he has the time.

  5. @Russell: If the number of people around who tell me they're disgusted with Rodney would all put their time, money and energy behind me, then yes I would.

    @Blair: "To be fair to Rodney" my arse. What's the word for someone who says they're against perks, then hoovers them up himself.

    @James: Yes, of course he's entitled to a private life. But at his own expense.

    If he wants to take his girlfriend with him, then let him pay for it himself. Simple.

    Spin it all you like, which is obviously a hell of a long way, but what he's doing is sucking on the taxpayers' tit. From the lambada bars of South America (remember that little rort?) to getting taxpayers to pay for his election material (remember that little rort?) to taking his girlfriend round the world on our tab -- this is a guy who says one thing (sometimes) and always does another.

    There's a word for that. See if you can find it in your dictionary.

  6. Sell out Rodney is at it again! Initially this man got into parliament with the fresh view to defend the individual, Joe Blog’s and his money, from being expropriated by glutinous bureaucrats who steal our money and spend it on themselves! This is just another example of many where Rodney sells out on his principles rationalizing his behaviour by employing the very rules (for MP's) he initially sought to dispense of!

  7. Ok, so I just left a comment and it vanished. (Delete this should the earlier one appear, PC).

    I left a comment with CK so shan't repeat myself, except to say that James and Blair are off the mark today.

    Come on, guys. There's a principle here that needs no spelling out.

  8. Pigs swilling at the proverbial trough.

    BTW, someone should interview the tart and ask her what the hell she thought she was doing with other people's money.

    Anyway, looks like ACT acolytes have some dead rats to start swallowing. Gulp 'em down boys. Make sure you swallow, ACT gobblers.


  9. Typical of the ACT party; all talk talk talk until they get into Government and the delights of Ministerial Office and then... abolish history.

    Readers will remember that myself and Peter predicted this when all you sheep made your minds up to vote ACT... so no complaining now *wink*

  10. Elijah

    Can't you hear those ACT gobblers swallowing them dead rats whole?


  11. OK OK OK. I'm SORRY! How many times? ;)

    In restitution, tonight I have convinced someone to vote Libz next election. Prior lefty too. It tasted as sweet as the beer I was drinking while I did so.

  12. The newly formed campaign committee is gathering this very morning!!
    PC for Epsom!!

  13. Yes,LGM, I can...and it serves them right!

    I consider the sellout after sellout of ACT since December to be pure evil - forget about that Karavic chappie, what Rodders and Roger are doing is an even bigger crime against humanity!

  14. Greig

    Clearly you're not a mindless acolyte swallowing the dead rats. Good for you!

    Do you remember all those National Party and ACT pushers busily posting here during the last election? Where are they now? I guess they must be too busy to post. Rat swallowing has become so time consuming lately! Trouble with all the rat gobbling is that it leads to dementia and amnesia. Yes, indeed! What's the bet that in a few short years the rat gobblers will be back pushing their messiahs again? Nothing changes with the mindless. In the end they'll be eating each other. Cannibals.

    Anyone else for a bit of rat?


  15. I'm sorry too. I'll know better next time.

  16. There's a principle here that needs no spelling out.

    Yep there sure is. Rodney has done nothing wrong. Absolutely Nothing. And yet, yeah, the LIbz and the so-called hard right are calling for his head. It's simply disgusting.

    Let's get some sense of proportion. In Australia, most of the senior cabal of the labour party would be in prison for corruption, or at least awaiting trial. Ditto in Hong Kong. In Singapore, well a couple of them would already have been put up against a wall and shot.

    NZ has just - somehow - got rid of a government whose open, blatant corruption puts anything Aussie has seen in the shade. And what are we doing? Discussion Rodney's airfares.

  17. Sinner

    How's your rat swallowing going? You better get used to it 'cause you're going to be gobbling plenty more of them.


  18. Sinner we got rid of a Government of "open, blatant corruption" and replaced it with a Government of "secret" blatant corruption.

    Bringing the National Socialist ACT governments' evil out into the daylight is very important.

    What Rodney has done to his Lady Wife he is also doing to his supporters...

  19. Elijha, you said that we got rid of a Government. Who's WE, white man?

    In fact, you (Libz) are not included in the WE, because it was us National supporters who voted Labour out and not Libz. You should have in fact, addressed it something like , they (Nat supporters) got rid of a Government.

  20. @Nat Supporter: Are you sure that anyone got rid that government? It looks exactly the same to me.

  21. Nat Supporter

    Guess you must be enjoying the taste of rat.



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