Friday, 16 October 2009

Events you need to know about

1. CHRISTCHURCH: Liberty Conference in Christchurch this weekend, starting bright and early at 9:o0am tomorrow at the Cashmere Club, 88 Hunter Terrace, Cashmere.  Speakers include Bernard Darnton, Richard McGrath, Trevor Loudon and me (not to self, better think of something to say).
Email for details, or just to find out where we’ll all be dining and carousing thereafter.

2. CHRISTCHURCH: Eric Crampton, good lad that he is, is organising a Christchurch bloggers' bash for tonight: 9 PM at The Thirsty Weta – cunningly timed to coincide with my plane touching down in the Garden City.  So  all those Canterbury folk who said they owe me a beer, here’s your chance.  :-)

3. WELLINGTON:  PUBLIC ADDRESS - ‘Children Creating and Developing Language from Birth Onwards' 
London-based Montessori trainer Cheryl Ferreira talks on Saturday October 17th on how children create and develop language from birth onwards
Come along to hear about the factors that impact on the development of spoken language from 0-6 and how this impacts on writing and reading'.

* * Saturday October 17th @ 7-9p.m, $10 payment at the door (includes tea &coffee)
* * Wa Ora Montessori School, 278 Waddington Road, Naenae, Lower Hutt, Wellington*
* * For information and bookings contact or phone Anna on (04) 232 3428.

4. AUCKLAND: And there was one other I was supposed to tell you about . . . oh yes, in honour of Willy, who can’t tell the difference between Swiss chocolate, a beer and a hole in the ground, we’re planning a beer tasting for people who don’t taste their beer: i.e., a blind taste test of all the mainstream beers, to see if anyone can detect any difference between them, followed by a session in Galbraith’s where we may partake of higher things.

Ruakura Campus Club beer maestro Greig McGill has already begun putting a tasting schedule together for the afternoon and evening, so why not put October 31st in your diary and join us.  More details closer to the date.


  1. Sean Fitzpatrick16 Oct 2009, 10:43:00

    Shame I will be in ChCh with you PC or I would go to the meeting with Cheryl in Naenae. I have posted on it though to get the information out to the parents in my school though!

  2. Look forward to meeting you in Chch Peter. But, the information I got sent said it starts 9.30am Saturday, not 9.00am?

    Which is the correct time? (We're talking half an hours sleep in here).

  3. 9:00 for 9:30 Mark. Craig is on at 930 sharp.

  4. @Sean: Good for you -- hope it attracts a few more. :-)

  5. Planning on blogging about it PC?

    Those of us in the mother country send our regards.

  6. Mark - you can be there at 9:30am to register - the session starts in earnest at 9:45am


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