Thursday, 1 October 2009

Auckland bloggers’ bar bash tonight! – now with an aftermath update!

Oops!  I almost forgot to invite you out for a drink tonight at the regular Bloggers’ Bar Bash at Galbraith’s – and that would never do!

So consider yourself invited.

And take note that there’s a whisper, here, about some celebrity guests – about which, I couldn’t possibly comment.

What: Auckland Bloggers Drinks – a social gathering of bloggers and bloupies (those who read, comment on and hang out with bloggers)
Thursday 1 October from 6.30pm
Galbraiths, 2 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland

(Just to help you keep your diary regular, the B3 Bloggers’ Bar Bash happens the first Thursday of every month – with occasional additional affrays when blogging luminaries are in town.)

UPDATEWhale Oil summarises the evening:

“Now this is the funny part. We had objectivists, libertarians, fundy Christians, Conservative Christians, atheists, agnostics, homos, dying people, National supporters, Act supporters, Cactus Kate who is a category all on her own and one leftist, green aforementioned obnoxious ass. Everyone but him got on fine with much hilarity for the entire night except for this humourless prick.”


Anonymous Sus said...


So, a question then, for PC Key:

Are you Left, Right or Progressive? :)

1 Oct 2009, 15:46:00  
Blogger PC said...

Me? I'm north to freedom. :-)

1 Oct 2009, 16:05:00  
Anonymous Sus said...

Spoken like a sneering, pseudo-liberal, cowardly Liberqueerian!

(Did I miss anything?) ;)

1 Oct 2009, 16:47:00  
Anonymous Falafulu Fisi said...

Too late. I've got something tonight. If you had put up a reminder yesterday (Wednesday), then I would have remembered. Oh, well, next time.

1 Oct 2009, 20:32:00  
Blogger Madeleine said...

You missed Cactus Kate and Olivia dispatching, literally, Phil U of Whoar.

It was something else!

2 Oct 2009, 00:46:00  
Anonymous Nona said...

Madeleine, do you mean that Cactus Kate and Olivia initiated force against Phil U?

2 Oct 2009, 18:37:00  
Anonymous Sinner said...

Madeleine, do you mean that Cactus Kate and Olivia initiated force against Phil U?

If only, if only. It's called a Bloggers Bash for a reason: what better reason that to get out and Bash lefty bloggers?

Cactus Kate and Olivia initiated force against Phil U?

You are missing an important point with your implied criticism here. Libertarianism only prescribes the initiation of force against independent human beings.
Lefties - by definition - are not independent human beings. They deserve everything they get, and it is out moral duty to provide it to them.

2 Oct 2009, 21:44:00  
Blogger FAIRFACTS MEDIA said...

Damn! I should have stayed.
I turned up at 6-30, didn't see anyone I knew so i left at 7-15 after 1 drink.
What time did the action begin?

3 Oct 2009, 11:33:00  
Anonymous Elijah Lineberry said...

6:31pm ;)

3 Oct 2009, 14:49:00  
Blogger Angus said...

Me? I'm north to freedom. :-)

You are not, your pretense to be is a reflection of your narcissism and self-indulgence.

You are a secular-progressive.

Genuinely capitalistic IMHO, but a secular-progressive . . think Peter Lewis or a George Soros wannabe.

3 Oct 2009, 23:50:00  
Blogger Angus said...

"Spoken like a sneering, pseudo-liberal, cowardly Liberqueerian!

(Did I miss anything?) ;)"

Isn't comment moderation great ?! - no comebacks.

3 Oct 2009, 23:52:00  

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