Monday, 21 September 2009

Roast him [updated]

Whale Oil has a new Political Maxim: “Politicians are innocent until politically expendable,” by which I take it that the present Finance Minister has no friend in the Whale, who intends to baste, roast and flay The Dipton Douple-Dipper over a hot blog.

And talking to friends who are National Party supporters (which despite my best efforts I’ve been unable to shake off) they feel the same.  English (who is still considering inflicting a Capital Gains Tax on NZ home-owners at the same time as he’s defending have taxpayers help him to maintain an income stream and Capital Gains on his own home) has few friends among his own team – even if Labour would prefer the gutless wonder to stay there.

Why wouldn’t they want Mr 21% to stay there?

Which makes me wonder how long it will be before Mr “I Wuz Entitled” is invited to fall upon his sword and head off for a decent spell on the back benches.  And whether, if that were to happen, there’s anyone in the National Party caucus who wouldn’t be a worse Finance Minister than Beneficiary Bill.

Could there be anybody worse?

Is there one there at all that hasn’t worshipped at the same failed altar of bullshit and phony wisdom?

UPDATE: Is this really the sort of person you National supporters want as your Finance Minister?  One who preaches recessional “austerity” while loosening the fiscal purse strings – and who talks about belt-tightening for you while sending you the bill for him to let out his.  One of the country’s most highly-paid beneficiaries with morals to match. Watch The story Bill English doesn’t want you to see and decide.


  1. Yeah will I think you're all fucking nuts.

    Just because Labour can't do the dirty work doesn't mean you have to. What's the fucking point in helping out Labour? You did it with Worth, now the minister of finance for FUCKS SAKE???

    You, really, really think that Roger will get the job? Or that Ruth will be brought back in on the list? Hell, even Roger voted for tax increases last year!!

    The Nats are shit. They're playing a long game - they'll be in govt for 10 years so they see no need to slash spending, wipe out the benefits, and then cut taxes now! Of course, all that should have been done before Christmas: but the idea that Labour would be better or that shafting English doesn't help Labour is completely fucking insane!

  2. So you think it's ok for him to be a thieving bastard just cos he wears a blue shirt?

    And you think that a miracle will suddenly occur and they will start spending less rather than more?

    They are the ones who happily threw out their own tax cut policy in favour of a *Green* party house insulation policy!

  3. Good points twr, and that is just for starters.


  4. And you think that a miracle will suddenly occur and they will start spending less rather than more?

    a) in this two-party kleptocracy, where bennies and bludgers and unionists get the vote it is pretty fucking clear Labour would be MUCH MUCH WORSE

    b) judge them after 10 years, not 10 months.

  5. So let's be clear about this:

    Until National changes MMP, any radical move would see Phil back at the next election. That's why Labour and the Greens jerrymandered the fucking cuntry in the first place: and ACT are too stupid to realise this and wank only with the jerrymander.

    So what are the options: go softly, hopefully get to geographical electorates but with Supplementary Member in 6 years time. And which point you could start doing something. Which is what the Nats are doing.

    OK - the other options:

    Taxpayer only franchise: probably never going to fly - Rodney isn't trying in Auckland - although who thefuck knows why not. I'd for sure given 'em three maori seats if the rest of the council was elected on a ratepayer franchise!

    Anti-corruption inquiry against Labour - well it would have to take on the unions too, simultaneousl, to wipe both of them out. Again, Key hasn't got the balls, he hasn't got the support and if even you fucks are going to go after English, you'd probably be supporting fucking Trevor Cunting Mallard if the Nats were running an obviously partisan project to wipe out Labour and the Unions.

    Action on the ground against Labour and the Unions. fucking-non-initiation of force Libz would be out white-anting that as well.
    And the MSM would just fill the front page with the Unionists and Labourists with their heads kicked in - even assuming the nats could get enough boots on the ground in the first place: the lefties have far more and nastier thugs than those on the side of freedom.

    so, in NZ, not la-la-land where it makes sense to talk about a Libz PM (jeesus!!) what are you going to do?

    Support Labour, the Unions, the Bludgers, the WFFers?

    Or support Rodney and Roger, and yes, English.

    Most of the last Cabinet should be in jail.
    Work on that, rather than on totally minor
    infractions from English and Worth!

    (last post was me too. fucking non-anon rules.)

  6. Gee, I still remember there was some national socialist party fool posting here a while back. His refrain was that labour was corrupt. Only the national socialists could remove the stain of labour's corruption. Vote for the integrity of the national socialists, they were not corrupt...

    Commissar English demonstrated that he lies, that he has little integrity and is corrupt. The subsequent behaviour of his fuhrer, Key, demonstrates that he and the rest of the party are cut from the same cloth.

    There is no reason for anyone to trust their word or believe anything they say in the future. As has been pointed out they and their labour coleagues are two sides of the same coin- each as bad as the other.

    Should Billy go? Yes. He won't though. He'll hang in there and hoover up whatever slush he can bilch from the system. That, he says, is his "entitlement."

    There are idiots who accept the behaviour of these dirty MPs and attempt to excuse it (the best grounds they have is that some other MPs are "worse"- hardly a justification). The corruption and fibbing will continue, but at least people can see it clearly and have no excuse to ignore it any longer.


  7. " it is pretty fucking clear Labour would be MUCH MUCH WORSE"

    How exactly is that clear? National is spending *more* than Labour ever did, and is determined to not only keep every single stupid policy Labour had, but to add new ones.

    Anyway, back to the actual subject of this post:
    Do you think there isn't anyone in National who could do the Finance Minister job apart from English? Do you think that the job requires someone who clearly rorts the system and is happy to admit it? Do you think it's not possible to get the job done without giving Bill $30k extra on top of his salary? If not, then why the hell should we put up with this crap? Every dollar he rorts is matched by thousands in other wasted spending that he also doesn't care about.

  8. Richard McGrath22 Sep 2009, 13:53:00

    Sinner - you just don't seem to get it. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.

    Yes, attacking Bill English might be helping Labour, but that is incidental. Would you rather we sat silently by and watched hypocritical lying born-to-rule types such as the Double-Dipping Dipstick from Dipton thumbing his nose at taxpayers?

    Are we meant to shut up while that smarmy prick justifies his shameful engorgement at the public trough? If you think what he's doing is kosher, that's fine. We don't. If no-one says anything, the parasite won't know when to stop.


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