Friday, 4 September 2009

Friday arvo ramble

Here’s a wee ramble round the internet for you to check out over the weekend (to get these links live  head over to my Twitter page where I post them as they come in,and cick ‘Follow’)

  • DimPost goes all Samuel Beckett on Phil Goof's and Annette King's arse in 'Waiting for Voter'

  • On CNBC Yaron Brook comments on Eliot Spitzer’s efforts at a political comeback.

  • Carbon scammers use carbon scam to scam carbon dollars. Hard to distinguish from the 'real thing.'

  • On CNBC Reports, Yaron Brook discusses European demands to cap bonuses for American executives.

  • The Wisdom of Silent Cal: Calvin Coolidge used to say that nine out of ten visitors to the White House lobbyists want something they ought not to have-and if you keep dead still they will run down in three or four minutes. Reagan had a similar strategy, which outfoxed the Dead Kennedy.

  • It has to happen. You can't keep diluting your dollars by printing more and more of them and expect the value not to eventually collapse!

  • The unlearned lessons of the tragic Victorian bushfires are repeated in California.

  • Obama's bi-polar . . says The Onion.

  • Managers are typically gateways to resources. Leaders are gateways to vision.

  • "Patients with terminal illnesses being made to die prematurely under NHS scheme to help end their lives"

  • Peter Schiff on the phony recovery bought with government paper, and the new era in Japan with ‘Japan First’ – and the implications for the US dollar.

  • Avoiding the resource curse.
    It's "the Argentine delusion" all over again!

  • Pithy yet wide-ranging summary of Ayn Rand's best short answers. What a mind!

  • "Climate change is an election prayer. As an issue, it has no use during actual terms of office. "

  • Solar panels cost a fortune but deliver minimal reward. Yet people keep buying them – and keep being disappointed

  • Ethiopia is starving again 25 yrs after the last pop start left? Why? One factor is incentives. All land is state owned.

  • Just a reminder when you hear the words 'trillion' & 'dollars' in the same sentence. Here's just how big that is.

  • Prohibition kills again, evidence this time from Gujarat in India. Govt cites deaths by illicit liquor, ignores the actual cause of death: govt intervention.

  • The world's best complaint letter? Letter to British telecoms starts funny and turns hysterical.

  • From blaming AGW on modern civilization, some scientists now say it all went wrong when man took up agriculture!

  • Bailouts make money . . . if you ignore all the losses.

  • #Johan Norberg 's new book concludes: " the 'solutions' to the economic crisis are repeating the mistakes that caused it."

  • Johan Norberg:"The only thing more dangerous than financial crises may be our way of responding to them."

  • Thomas Sowell: In ways large and small, the West is surrendering on the instalment plan to Islamicists.

  • A Berkeley Professor Dares To Debunk The Popular Wisdom on Energy - and to Attack Gore and Friedman's Exaggerations

  • Good news" Labour realises they did some bad things in Govt. Bad news: they’ve selected the wrong bad things.

  • "Propagrandstanding" - the perfect description of Sue Bradford's modus operandi.

  • People with Flat Screen TVs Should Stop Whinging About Capitalism.

  • Every cost-benefit analysis done for govt misses the biggest & most important cost: the unseen cost of lost freedom

  • Now that Robert Fisk finally makes it to the Collins English Dictionary, take a look at the history of the verb "to fisk."

  • Epic Armageddon IPA reviewed at Beer Advocate. "Wheres the next one, i want more hoppy goodness"

  • Congressman says debt = wealth, threatens to defenestrate reporter ...

  • Climate Vulnerability and the Indispensable Value of Industrial Capitalism - by Keith H. Lockitch

  • If we're all morally obligated to 'others,' then who the hell are all the 'others' morally obligated to?

  • If we're morally obligated to relieve world poverty, as Peter Singer says we are, then just where exactly do you draw the line?

  • Bailout stocks soar on back of billons of taxpayers' money & investors get in bed with the govt Peter Schiff explains.

  • Stephen Hicks recommends "a good and important book”: Race and Liberty in America, edited by Jonathan Bean.

  • Ayn Rand: Radical for Capitalism — talk delivered in Guatemala in celebration of Atlas Shrugged' 50th anniversary.

  • Inflation as we know it pretty much begins with the creation of the Fed, who in just one century hav destroyed the dollar’s value.

  • America's Founding Fathers despised democracy.

  • Financial Times looks at the "new era" in Japanese politics.

  • The two biggest threats to Europe's freedom and prosperity, says Vaclav Klaus, are Europism and global warming alarmism.

  • Science shouldn't be decided by vote, says PZ Myers. Wonder why he doesn't think the same way on AGW?

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    1. My favorite on Binswanger's list:

      ". Q: Is a girl's impression of her father her impression of manhood?

      AR: God help womankind if it were! . . ."

      What a wonderful sense of humor this allegedly dour woman had.


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