Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The oxymoron of Green business experience

I posted yesterday on the sad and sorry lot that are the Greens' new 'high-flyers,' as revealed by their own words. This morning The Frog (who is paid for by you, the taxpayer) defends, or tries to, the all too obvious charge that the Green Party knows nothing about and has no experience of business by posting a list that "proves" their top twelve candidates for 2008 are steeped in business experience (complete with careful massage -- David Clendon, for example morphs from Resource Consultant, ie., parasite, to "Business Adviser").

They have to go to twelve because that's the first genuine appearance of genuine business experience among the planning lecturers, "community development workers" and "climate change campaigners" that dominate. I invite you to view the complete list of losers who seek political power over you, and ask yourself how many have spent any appreciable hours earning a genuine profit instead of sucking off the taxpayers' tit?

Looks like Green business experience is as much an oxymoron as 'Australian culture,' or 'government initiative.'  More like ivory tower experience.

Q: What's the biggest theft of NZers' property rights since the war? 
A: National's Resource Management Act.
Q: How many of the Greens' top twelve have been feeding from this particular trough?
A: Fully one third of them, for most of their working lives:

  • Jeanette Fitzsimons: Planning Lecturer
  • Metiria Turei: Resource Management Lawyer
  • Catherine Delahunty: tutor and 'mediator' under the Resource Management Act
  • David Clendon:  Resource Consultant and lecturer in the RMA


  1. Someone should tell that Delahunty guy that Catherine is a girl's name!

  2. There is a name there called Gareth Hughes and here is his business achievements listed on Frog blog:

    "I am a father, an activist and a passionate Green Party member. To stay fresh and grow we need to attract new young voters and we need credible young candidates high on our list. I am a serious candidate and have the skills, experience and relationships needed to be an effective MP and a complementary caucus member. Across Aotearoa I have worked with our grassroots activists, MPs and parliamentary team and I know I have what it takes. I am inspired by the positive change we have achieved so far and I have the energy, desire and vision to work towards real sustainability and fairness for the future."


    Gareth grew up in Gisborne, where he was interested in cars and rugby before moving to Wellington, to study religious studies and history. At Victoria University, Gareth became a vegetarian and developed a passion for environmental campaigning. He worked for Greenpeace New Zealand and Australia from 2000-2005. During that time, he was a volunteer activist on the Climbing action team member and a Boat action team member. Gareth was a crew member of the Rainbow Warrior on the 2004 Bottom Trawling expedition. He worked for Greenpeace in various roles for 5 years. He currently works as the Green Party climate campaigner.

    Does anyone seriously considers this to be someone fit to debate in Parliament of how to run a country? This only shows that the Greens are full of Luddites.


    Gareth is married to wife Meghan and they have a seven month old son - Arlo. Gareth has been involved in successful campaigns to stop the use of genetically engineered feed by chicken companies in New Zealand, a highlight of which was getting arrested as Ronald McDonald. He has sailed on the Rainbow Warrior and was part of the campaign to ban bottom trawling in international waters. Gareth takes an active role in the climate change debate in New Zealand, one highlight was touring the country with Jeanette and Russel on the Climate Defence Tour.

    The guy (including all Greenies) doesn't how how to produce. They only know one thing and that is sucking from the state's tits. I wouldn't be surprised if the guy was on the dole most of his life.

    The rest of the Greenies are receivers proponents of state's handouts and welfare. Hey, they want to take from others but not produce for themselves and others. Pathetic.

  3. Actually its a third of these clowns thatare on the RMA bandwagon.

    I read this re Delahunty:

    "She left university halfway through her B.A. and moved to the Coromandel where she learned to milk goats and grow vegetables as well as throw fleeces in the only Buddhist shearing gang in Aotearoa."

    WTF? That qualifies her for parliament surely. Or is it just me living on a different planet.

  4. In response to Hayden - tell me about it mate! I am going to have to face this bloke in candidate debates for Ohariu come election time!! 'Shooting rats in a barrel' dosen't do the situation justice, does it?

  5. Sean: Laugh at him repeatedly. Make a point of thoroughly enjoying shooting down the ridiculous claims he'll undoubtedly trot out.

    If there's one thing these guys cannot stand, it's ridicule.


  6. These are the types of enviro-fascists the greens have been touting around for years, in a pathetic attempt to make environmental campaigning look like a reason to get into parliament. They have no experience in business and are simply looking for more control, in the name of Gaia -altruism at its worst.


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