Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Beatles for Sale

In honour of the digitally re-re-remastered Beatles back catalogue going on sale today (not the first time they’ve been remastered, but by all accounts the best of them), here’s my top few from the fab four:

  1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  2. And My Bird Can Sing
  3. Taxman
  4. I Am the Walrus
  5. Happiness is a Warm Gun
  6. Across the Universe (the ‘Wildlife’ version)
  7. Strawberry Fields Forever
  8. I Wanna Be Your Man
  9. Norwegian Wood
  10. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
  11. I Should Have Known Better
  12. Let it Be (the one without Phil Spector’s strings and choirs)

Top albums:

  1. White Album
  2. Revolver
  3. Abbey Road
  4. Rubber Soul
  5. Past Masters

What’s yours?


  1. 1-The Long and Winding Road (either version, I'm not fussed).
    2-Nowhere Man.
    3-Please Please Me.
    4-A Day In The Life.
    5-Hey Jude.
    6-I'll Follow The Sun.
    7-You're Going To Lose That Girl.
    8-I'm A Loser.
    9-Here, There, And Everywhere.
    10-Hello, Goodbye.
    12-Real Love (yes, The "Threetles" version).

    As to the albums, A Hard Days Night and Revolver are my favourites overall.

    While we're on the subject of The Beatles, PC, did you see "Across The Universe"?

  2. I'll include Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da in the top 5.

  3. 1) Within you without you
    2) Norwegian Wood
    3) Revolution
    4) We can work it out
    5) Come together

  4. This Boy
    There’s a place
    You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
    I’m so tied
    I’m Down

    Interesting cover of Blackbird – Bobby McFerrin

  5. I Want You (She's So Heavy) - love that song.

    Rocky Raccoon

    Glass Onion

    Get Back

    Fool on the Hill

    So many really...

  6. 1. In my life
    2. Strawberry Fields forever
    2. Happiness is a warm gun
    5. I am the walrus
    3. She said she said
    4. We can work it out
    5. Don't let me down
    6. Lucy in the sky w diamonds

    Also like St Peppers (the opening song) and Carry That Weight, but they're short to the point of being sound bites.

  7. Also check out

    e.g. Paul's first name is James.

  8. The best Beatles covers band on the planet is the Cavern Beat. Look them up and listen to their sound on You Tube. Their bass player is of Indian descent but otherwise looks and sounds like Paul McCartney.

  9. I want you
    In my life
    Paperback Writer
    Bad Boys
    happiness is a Warm Gun
    Everybodys got something to hide except for me and my monkey
    Bungalow Bill/While my guitar gently weeps
    . . . This is impossible - I cannot name only 10, and in an order.

    Let me say EVERYTHING makes my top 10 EXCEPT obla di obla dah

    Savoy Truffle
    Honey Pie
    Tax Man
    Im Down
    Slow Down
    Happiness is a warm gun

    Favourite album is the White Album

    Undisputably, Without doubt and The best band of all time - they had it all (even Ringo!)

  10. "While we're on the subject of The Beatles, PC, did you see "Across The Universe"?"

    I did, FL and I absolutely *loved* it, so much so that I grabbed the DVD when available. It got even better and better as it went along. Clever, different and visually gorgeous.

    Jim Watzisname (can't think of it offhand and can't be arsed to look it up) who played Jude is a talent to keep any eye on.

    He took the lead in '21', too .. based on the true story of the MIT students who had a field day counting cards in Vegas for several months, which you might have seen?

  11. ** "PC, did you see "Across The Universe"

    No, I didn't. Sounds interesting. What is it?

    ** I'd include Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da in the top 5 worst songs ever written. People agree with me. :-)

  12. It's a musical made using the Beatles back catalogue. The plot (working class Brit lad travels to America, gets caught up in the 60's counterculture) is admitedly fairly thin. But the arrangements of the tunes, and the visual styling, is inspired. Plus, as Sus mentioned, the acting is excellent.

  13. Best songs:

    1. For no one. Utterly superb in its simplicity.
    2. I feel fine. And very well recorded. Listen to the intro guitar feedback, build into fabulous tune.
    3. A day in the life. They had to count them all.
    4. The end.
    5. Til there was you. Miss my vinyl copy.
    6. Penny Lane. Bankers with motorcars, anyone?
    7. Paperback Writer. I need a job!
    8. Shes leaving home.
    9. The fool on the hill. Still live there.
    10. Blackbird

    1. Revolver
    2. White
    3. Sgt Peppers
    4. Abbey Rd - the medley!
    5. Help

    Got into Beatles with Sgt Peppers - so overplayed this to the point of nausea.


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