Tuesday, 1 September 2009

August at NOT PC: Smack your stats up

I haven’t done blog stats for a couple of months, so to get back on track here’s August’s – the month in which we smacked each other around over “the chooldren,” and swine flu dropped right off the radar. . . and all the while there was a steady increase in visitor numbers:
Unique visits [from Statcounter]: 44,210 (June: 42,096)
Page impressions [from Statcounter]: 65,826 (June: 60,437)
Avge. Monday to Friday readership: 1514/day (May: 1620)
NZ Political Blog Ranking for NOT PC in July: 3rd (May: 3rd)
Alexa Ranking, NZ:  1,118th (June: 1,802nd)
Alexa Ranking, world: 302,597th (June: 348,280th)
Top ten posts for August:
  • Quote of the day: Conservative or Liberal?
    "We don't really care whether you call yourself conservative or liberal. What we care about is whether you defend or undermine individual rights."  Still as true as when it was first posted. 
  • Pre-school non-education vs Montessori education
    While many 5-year-olds with years of mainstream pre-school education are starting school unable to count or complete the alphabet, six-year-olds in Montessori classrooms are are counting and understanding the concept of one million, doing long division and binomial equations, and reading and writing their own short stories.  How so?
  • LIBERTARIANZ SUS: No means no!
    John Key doesn’t understand that “no” doesn’t mean “yes.” 
  • It was never just about smacking, you know
    The primary focus of the anti-smacking brigade is not smacking.  Once you understand that, you will understand their reaction to the referendum.  It was never primarily about smacking, and it was never really about child abuse. It was always about control
  • Quote for a Sunday: On Christianity
    "Christianity has acquiesced in slavery and polygamy, has practically canonized war, has, in the name of the Lord, burnt heretics and devastated countries."
  • Fat fools call for new taxes on rent and mortgages
    Everyone’s got a favourite tax they want to slap on someone to stop the housing bubble happening again. But do few have any idea of what caused it in the first place!
  • Objectivist banking business
    How banker John Allison used the values of Objectivism to make BB&T Bank one of America’s powerhouses, and having fun doing it.  It was done by taking integrity seriously. . .
  • Testing the new additions to the blogroll
    A truckload of conservative commentators on the blogroll! How in Hades did they sneak in here?
  • Freedom for me . . . but I’m not so sure about ye 
    Mencken used to say that a puritan is someone possessed of the all-pervasive fear that someone, somewhere, might be having fun. Mencken would have noticed lots of puritans about today, huh, many possessing legislative power. . .
  • Raising Good Kids 
    Forget what’s legal or not legal and start looking instead at what’s good – to raise good kids into good adults you’ll want a clear sense of the good yourself.
Most commented upon posts
Top referring sites:
No Minister 1760 referrals; Kiwiblog 1510; ; Libertarianz 472; Tumeke 322; Anti Dismal 271; Technoratis 256;  SOLO 248; Cactus Kate 245; Night City Trader 235; Facebook 206; MacDoctor 202; Annie Fox! 201; Liberty Scott 196; Crusader Rabbit 181; Stumble Upon 174; Whale Oil 165
Top searches landing here:
not pc/peter cresswell etc 891; causes of global financial crisis 191; contaminated soils owen mcshane 141; nude olympians 104; morse melling 57; wine flu 57; beer songs 54; john adams 39; boscawen amendment 35; libertarian sus incivility 31; spy novels 31
They're reading NOT PC here:
Top countries/territories (from Google Analytics)
NZ 49%; US 21%; Australia 4.7%; UK 4.0%; Canada 2.1%; Germany 1.8%; India 1.5%; Italy 1.0%
Top cities
Auckland 28%; Wellington 7.6%; Christchurch 6.0%; London 1.9%; Sydney 2.1%; Palmerston North 1.0%; New York 1.5%; Dunedin 1.1%; Melbourne 0.8%; Brisbane 0.8%; Tauranga 0.6%; Hamilton 0.x%
Readers' Browsers
Firefox/Flock 44%(44); IE Explorer 35%(39); Safari 13%(11); Chrome 4.8% (4.0); Opera 1.6%(1.8)
Readers’ OS
Windows 79%; Mac 17%; Linux 2.6%; iPhone 0.7%
Readers’ Screen Sizes
1024x768 22%; 1280x800 18%; 1280x1024 14%; 1680x1050 12%; 1440x900 11%
Readers' Connection Speeds
DSL 37%(35); unknown 34%(32); Cable 19% (21); T1 7.7%(9.1); Dial-up 2.8%(2.7)
Cheers, and thanks to you all for reading, linking to and talking about NOT PC this month,
Peter Cresswell


  1. 104 people did a search for 'nude olympians'?!?! (and google automatically thinks of you? :p)...HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Well done on ranking, a positive sign that freedom is important to many. Denis Welch on Radio NZ re NZ blogs makes no mention of Not PC despite being No 3. He sounds uneasy about the level of free expression. Makes clear he prefers the left blogs.
    Denis Welch looks at the blogging. (duration: 11′50″)
    from Nine To Noon (01 Sep 2009)

  3. Not PC blog is the ONLY blog that has real knowledge & depth coverage, where the rest of the NZ blogosphere (both left & right) are not and that's fact.

    I consider myself as fairly knowledgeable in a wide varieties of domains/subjects, but I come to Not PC to pick up things (knowledge) that I would otherwise not stumbled up on my own. So, I come to Not PC to fill up the shortfall of my knowledge tank, especially in areas that never interested me or become aware of those before and I go to other blogs to basically debate other commentators and not to expect to acquire new knowledge (things I don't know) from there.

    Before the internet, people didn't easily access instant knowledge as we have today, because anyone can just Google a topic and it pops up. What amazes me, is that people I see commenting on blogs (local & overseas) haven't managed to take advantage of internet age, and drive themselves to read more info they never studied before or would have come across those info on their own. No, this doesn't happen as one would expect, because I still see lots of idiotic and uninformed commentaries in blogs like DPF and The Standards about topics commentators have no clue about. A good example is the minimum wage debate at The Standard. They haven't bothered to Google for empirical evidence of why it is bad policy. This indicates one thing. People are just using the internet mostly for convenience to post and communicate and but not much to learn.

    Finally, our MSM journalists are also too dumb, because they fall into this trap too , of not educating themselves with internet info that may enhance their reporting capability. If you're a reporter, you need to be knowledgeable in many domains, although not in depth, but it means that you're able to decipher a topic to report on, fairly quickly and then follow up with a phone call to an expert on that specific topic for further in-depth analysis. So, when I hear useless commentators like Denis Welch describing No Right Turn (NRT) as a brilliant and intelligent blogger, then you know straight away that Mr. Denis Welch himself is dumb. Denis Welch with such endorsement of NRT makes Mrs Harawira look intelligent.

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