Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Lawyers and “experts” defend the venality of “experts” and lawyers

Lawyers and “experts” have come out swinging against a report suggesting a cartel of “experts” and lawyers has been fleecing owners of leaky houses. [Hat tip David Slack]

Lawyer Paul Grimshaw for one was just telling Radio Live that his own law firm is virtually a charity organisation when it comes to “helping out” home-owners – help that the Price Waterhouse report shows actually comes with a usurious price tag for all of us.

Who would have thunk it, eh.  Rent-seekers seeking to protect their rorts.


  1. Being Geoffrey Palmer in public, or indeed anywhere, should be an offence.

  2. "The law could include drunk and disorderly behaviour or only being drunk and discretion be left to police on whether to charge someone or not."

    Great. More police discretion ie power and potential to abuse it.


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