Friday, 28 August 2009

Cool Machine of the Day: The log-splitter that can!

Now this is what you need to sort out your firewood pile!



Anonymous Russell W said...

That is very fucking cool; I want one!

28 Aug 2009, 15:23:00  
Blogger Oswald Bastable said...

A firewood processer for Fathers day...

More over here:

28 Aug 2009, 16:06:00  
Blogger Ayrdale said...

Poetry. Talk about the dignity of labour. I'd feel very dignified operating that.

28 Aug 2009, 16:23:00  
Anonymous Mr Dennis said...

No photos sorry, but a relative has built a bigger one down this way. Similar idea, but it takes much larger logs than in that one, has a massive hydraulic guillotine to chop the log instead of a chainsaw, then shoves the round through a square grid. Incredible machine. Mounted on a truck trailer, couldn't get this one on the front of a bobcat! I believe the biggest problem with it is actually finding logs large enough to make it worth starting the machine.

28 Aug 2009, 20:13:00  
Blogger KG said...

We're going to solve our logpile problem by getting a pellet fire.

29 Aug 2009, 07:46:00  
Blogger Dave Mann said...

I sat transfixed... couldn't stop watching it imagining selected members of the National and Labour party (and ALL of the Greens') caucuses going through it. Then I watched it again....! Cool!

29 Aug 2009, 10:37:00  
Blogger Dave Mann said...

Ok ok.... I know the correct word is 'cauci', but for the purposes of clarity, etc..

Oh, and I LOVED the way the operator shook off parts of Sue Bradfords's head when they threatened to get stuck in the system... :-)

29 Aug 2009, 10:44:00  
Blogger sagenz said...

meh - that is foreign. Look at this locally made tree harvesting head

31 Aug 2009, 08:32:00  
Blogger Clunking Fist said...

Dave Mann, we know that's not you: that someone has, erm, hacked your blogger profile.


31 Aug 2009, 12:44:00  
Blogger Dave Mann said...

OMG, Yes Clunker..... seems someone just made a tangential pseudo death-threat in an indirect manner on my behalf! Wasn't me! honest.... I was cutting firewood at the time. Shiver shiver...

31 Aug 2009, 14:11:00  

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