Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Spring – Victor Issa


103647_p_FDB75539-2B3D-897A-2956BAE31D3946EB It’s not here yet, more’s the pity, but this life-size bronze sculpture 'Spring’ by contemporary Colorado sculptor Victor Issa is as delightful as we might hope for. 

Check out more of his work here at his website.

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Blogger Andrew B said...

Good to see Summer http://www.victorissa.com/contentframeset/collections/classic/summertime.html follows spring - and it's here right now!

This summer breeze can't come too soon - http://www.victorissa.com/contentframeset/collections/classic/summertime.html

Freedom is pretty good too: http://www.victorissa.com/contentframeset/collections/classic/FreedomD.html

And I'm glad he's used a woman for Awakening - http://www.victorissa.com/contentframeset/collections/classic/AwakeningD.html
I would hate to see a bloke scratching his nuts.

Thanks for alerting us to his work, anyway.

7 Jul 2009, 07:50:00  
Anonymous Willie said...

Absolutely brilliant. Very sexy. Don't think that's the direct intention, but the powerful expression of life there, and the ideal form of the human body... Sexy. Now *thats* art.

Nothing like the usual boring stuff you post on PC ;-)

7 Jul 2009, 13:25:00  

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