Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Spring – Victor Issa


103647_p_FDB75539-2B3D-897A-2956BAE31D3946EB It’s not here yet, more’s the pity, but this life-size bronze sculpture 'Spring’ by contemporary Colorado sculptor Victor Issa is as delightful as we might hope for. 

Check out more of his work here at his website.


  1. Good to see Summer http://www.victorissa.com/contentframeset/collections/classic/summertime.html follows spring - and it's here right now!

    This summer breeze can't come too soon - http://www.victorissa.com/contentframeset/collections/classic/summertime.html

    Freedom is pretty good too: http://www.victorissa.com/contentframeset/collections/classic/FreedomD.html

    And I'm glad he's used a woman for Awakening - http://www.victorissa.com/contentframeset/collections/classic/AwakeningD.html
    I would hate to see a bloke scratching his nuts.

    Thanks for alerting us to his work, anyway.

  2. Absolutely brilliant. Very sexy. Don't think that's the direct intention, but the powerful expression of life there, and the ideal form of the human body... Sexy. Now *thats* art.

    Nothing like the usual boring stuff you post on PC ;-)


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