Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A Pacific New Freeland?

Andrew B spies an opportunity based on this news report from Tuvalu:

"At the primary school in Funafuti, children are taught about climate changefrom the age of six. They are also learning what it means to emigrate, because this could be the last generation of children to grow up in Tuvalu. Its peopleare already in flight. More than 4,000 [allegedly] live in New Zealand [as ‘economic refugees’], and the Tuvaluan government is planning the migration of the remaining 10,000."

Which leaves an opening for New Freelanders, says Andrew:

So these Islands are going to be abandoned - some already have been. I sense an opportunity for libertarians who don't buy into all this global warming rubbish. We go over there, buy up people's land as they abandon it, dredge the islands that are already under water and dump it on those remaining, and then declare our freedom.

Sounds like a plan. I’ll put it to the Kaimai Thirteen. Meanwhile, here’s what Everybody Knows (or Should Know) About Tuvalu.


  1. I'm in. After all that dredging, I'm thinking you'll be in dire need of a pint at the Brewaucracy Brewpub. ;)

  2. I wish. Likely result? The government in exile waits 'till you've made big capital investments, then declares your expropriation: while you bought the land, they never ceded sovereignty. The NZ/Aus/US navies support them 'cause they don't want tax competition.

  3. Actually from a strategic sense, the taking of geography in pursuit of national growth of liberty is an idea worth considering. Is the weather in Tuvalu better than Southland?

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  5. I heard that various islands around the place are sinking rather than sea levels rising, so there may not be any of the original Tuvalu island(s) left after a while.

  6. Yes Richard the atolls are sinking but if you look at it on you can see there's a heap of sand and rock about that you could build the Vegas/Monaco of the South Pacific upon.

    The Funafuti International Airport is currently reached from Nadi by Pacific Sun, which Fiji's Air Pacific regional subsidiary. If I wasn't in London I'd be plotting a field trip. Instead I'm looking at Islands in the Med and Atlantic.

  7. I vote for Niue. Large land area compared to Tuvalu, low population density and surrounded by cliffs to protect against both cyclones and amphibious assaults.

  8. They might stop sinking when all the fat bastards move off them.


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