Monday, 27 July 2009

The revolution starts here

Had a great weekend with some like-minded Libz hunkered down at a secret location in the Kaimais to plan our libertarian revolution.  Cells around the country will all be receiving your instructions shortly. Here are the Kaimai Thirteen:

Kaimai Thirteen And if you have superstitious concerns about there being thirteen at the conclave, then worry ye not. There was a fourteenth behind the camera who couldn’t be photographed for reasons of security, and several others frankly too hungover to emerge for the group photo.



  1. Here's what depresses me about this picture: perhaps 1% of all the people in the country who properly recognise freedom's value is in this picture.

  2. Just imagine if we didn't exist, Matt. As a freedom-valuer, you'd have nowhere to go.

    But as you do, are you a member?

  3. We want names to go with the photo, so we know who is who!

  4. Code names have been issued and will be revealed very shortly.

  5. Where was the gorgeous Julian Pistorius?

  6. Don't know about 'gorgeous', but thank you. :)

    I was there for the first day, but left late on Saturday night, so missed the photo. I had to forfeit a bottle of whisky for leaving early. How did that go down, by the way?

  7. Forget about any whisky, Julian: you have a task -- seven of them -- and I won't forget.

    There *will* be a test.


  8. Don't know if I'd call Julian P 'gorgeous,' but that whiskey certainly was.

    From what I can recall. :-)

  9. Julian, if you leave good whisky as a penalty for leaving early; you can leave early anytime you like. Thanks for coming down!


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