Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Hitler’s plants grow this high [updated]

Here’s a picture that puts the recent Labour Party-Hitler kerfuffle into some context.  It’s the English soccer team playing in Berlin in 1936, giving the Nazi salute to you-know-who.  Blindness, thy name is stupidity.


The Australian website I pinched the picture from has a couple of other embarrassing sporting photos too, including what it calls Australia’s “darkest sporting moment.”

UPDATE: By the way, Hitler’s found out about all those YouTube videos making fun of him, and boy is he pissed off! [Hat tip Noodle Food]

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  1. I remember that match -- and that final delivery -- as if it was yesterday, with Brian McKechnie throwing down his bat in disgust straight afterwards. Greg Chappell has since said he's rued the decision ever since.

    You know, not much can head off the Aussie yellow for most crapful sporting gear, but that beige & brown might just do it. After all these years, it remains a shocker! :)

    And re the '36 soccer pic, Berlin hosted the Olympics that year and, so I once read, the US team created a stir when it refused to lower its flag for Hitler at the opening ceremony.

    The only country to do so, I believe, although I stand corrected.

    I don't think it was necessarily thumbing its nose at the Vile One, per se; it refused to lower its flag for any other country in those days.

    Obama, on the other hand, wouldn't want to run the risk of upsetting the despots who run Pyongyang ...


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