Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Al Gore: ‘Not Evil Just Wrong’ [update 2]

New film out soon.  Here’s the trailer [hat tip I Love CO2):

Here’s the site for the film:
not_evil_banner_280 And here’s its blog.

Which has the news that he’s trying to rewrite history.

And here’s the news that The Goracle was greeted by protesters in Melbourne.  (And he bringeth rain.)


  1. Re the protests in Melbourne:

    All 18 seconds of it. If the boot was on the other foot and the green fascists were protesting, oh, say an oil summit, there'd be wall-to-wall coverage of the hairy lefties wailing and whining, together with "interviews" with some of the more vocal ranters.

  2. Anyone who believes that Al Gore is NOT evil, just wrong either hasn't paid attention the past few years, or is operating with a set of moral premises very different from those that sustain human flourishing.

    I.e. they are either wrong, or evil. But, then, even in the former case, there is a threshold of ignorance beyond which a person is immoral, if they're mentally intact and past their teen years.

  3. Mark Steyn money quote:

    "One assumes Gar Smith is sincere in his fetishization of bucolic African poverty, with its vibrantly rampant disease and charmingly unspoilt life expectancy in the mid-forties."

    Ya gotta love the modern Luddites, no?

  4. I find it really difficult to understand way people still believe this crap and why they haven't been laughed out of business.

    Can someone enlighten me?

  5. Yeah I have been looking at the psychology of this, and I think it is interesting how easy it is to become really inspired to 'save the world.'
    Some people love to have a purpose, I guess most of us do. This appears to be such an honorable purpose. If you don't stand for something, you might fall for anything.

    It is just often the intellectual rigour required to make your own decision based on fact is often lacking. Look at the ongoing success of socialism, in whatever form we excitedly vote it in.


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