Monday, 6 July 2009

ActorVists vs scientists [update 2]

They might be able to act, but why should we listen to their views on science?


UPDATE 1: NBR editor Nevil Gibson summarises the state of climate play:

    Did you stop worrying about climate change when the credit crunch and global recession got serious? Then listen up, things have changed for the better.
    In the past year or so since you last worried about it, the climate change debate has moved on. In fact, it is in danger of extinction as the scientific “consensus” disappears and international agencies and governments backpedal on draconian measures to stamp out use of carbon.

UPDATE 2: One of the primary points to be understood here is that climate pseudo-science and pronouncements thereon are being used to advance a clearcut and deadly political agenda.  On this the excellent Micky’s Muses blog quotes UK Labour MP Tom Harris who says

"...for some environmentalists the fight against global warming has another aim: the defeat of capitalism, of economic growth, of prosperity.Which is why I find their arguments so nauseating..."

And so say all of us.

UPDATE 2:  If you have never really gotten into the economics of climate change, and want an accessible introduction, here you go.


  1. Anyone can act whether it's toilet cleaning, car-washing , collecting rubbish and so forth, this means you don't need a brain and this is fact, however on the other hand, to be a scientist with a PhD that understands the issue of AGW is a completely different story.

    So, I recommend those toilet cleaners (oops! I mean actors), to stick to toilet cleaning and leave science to those who have brains & PhDs to debate the issue.

    I have a PhD not in Climate Science but in Engineering Science where my daily job is R&D and I was a pro-warming a few years ago, but as more skeptics (scholars - those with PhDs) coming out with publications pointing the other way, I have changed my view to being a skeptic.

    It pisses me off that toilet cleaners (those warmists with no PhDs) like Al Gore, Robyn Malcolm, etc, have used their public profile to promote bullshit in a subject that they have no clue about.

    They should stick to what they're good at and that is , toilet cleaning and leave science to those who understand it.

  2. ... and leave science to those who understand it.

    Does the same got for bloggervists?

    Norrie, do you include Peter in your rant? You see, Peter also has a lot of strong opinions on climate change, but he has no qualifications or expertise in the matter either (no more than those you are attacking).

  3. .. New Zealand the government has announced it will embark on a programme of public consultation before going any further.

    Something to cheer about.

  4. Robert Winefield7 Jul 2009, 05:15:00

    The real problem here is not the Actors or a sycophantic media hanging on their every word or wardrobe malfunction.

    It is the fact that the public at large laps this crap up verbatim. And for their intellectual sloth, they are about to receive the largest wallet-ectomy in history.

    What they don't realize is that the Al Gore's of this world stand to make billions from these idiotic policies. Robyn Malcolm et al. are the unwitting pitchmen for this total and utter scam called cap and trade.

    A political ponzi scheme that will do absolutely nothing to reduce CO2 emissions, but will do much for the bottom line of a-holes like Al Gore and companies like General Electric (largest supplier of windmills in the world, large donor to the Obama campaign and green-energy lobbyist. Did I mention that it owns several major news networks...)

    And as if that wasn't enough, imagine the level of corruption that will ensue! It'll make 1930s Chicago look like a Kindergarten.

    Bend over and grab your ankles kiddies...


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