Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Quote of the day: Bernard Darnton


We’ll have this poster up at the Libertarianz stand down at Fieldays, starting tomorrow.  Keep an eye out for it, and call in and say “Hi!”


  1. Richard McGrath9 Jun 2009, 09:18:00

    Like the poster. Is that a photo of Hong Kong?

  2. PC, would you mind if I put that poster up over at CR?

  3. Spkg of temperatures, the late news on One last night announced record low June temps for parts of the lower North Island ..

    -4.2 degrees in Paraparaumu
    -3.2 degrees in Levin

  4. Too wordy. You don't need something like that to persuade cockies that they don't want the socialists foisting GW legislation on them.


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