Monday, 22 June 2009

New blogs

One new blog, and one that’s new to me – both of them helmed by good people.

First of all we’ve got Messages from Inner Space by Joy Faulkner, long-term advocate for the rights of smokers. Her main reason for blogging, she says, is to take on the nico nazis, “and I am not going to be frightened off because I may offend.”  Never seen her frightened off yet.  Except by spiders.

Her most recent post is right in character: I Have A Chimney On My Head.  Welcome to the blogosphere, Joy.  :-)

Ands second there’s Paul van Dinther’s Planet in Action, a blog for lovers of Google Earth.  He tells me that visitors are overwhelmingly not from round here, so see what you can do to fix that.  In fact, there’s a place right here you might like to take a look at if you’re a local.  Maybe even put it up for sale.

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