Monday, 22 June 2009

The country's highest-paid beneficiaries: well overpaid

David Farrar has been assessing the amounts that some of the country's highest-paid beneficiaries pull down.

The results are startling.


  1. Wow, if Sue Bradford can earn a salary of over $120,000 a year with a background in nothing, then the Green voters are really really stupid. Why the Greens put this woman up high on the list who is anti-business, anti-personal-freedom, anti-capitalism, an unproductive citizen (ie, before she entered parliament), etc, etc, that she goes to parliament to make laws that affects the majority of the country's good citizens?

    What has this woman achieved in life, that us citizens entrusted her to make laws in order to run ours ? Nothing at all, if fact she has zero achievement in her own personal life and that says much about her idiot supporters.

  2. You can't be serious, AG. Why do the Greens' put SB so high on the list? Because they ARE anti-business, anti-freedom, etc.

    The Green party is *not* an environmental party at heart. It is a hard-left political party.

    Take a good look at those running it. They're longtime communists who have rebranded themselves.

    They are smart enough to take advantage of an absurd electoral system, that's all. FPP would see them as politically unsuccessful as their predecessors, the old Values party.

    It is no coincidence that one of the primary proponents of MMP was the late Green party leader, Rod Donald.

  3. What if a Politicians salary was inversely related to the amount of meddling they did? Less they demonstrate they do to damage the country, the more they earn. Bonuses could be achieved for stripping away Nanny and sending her back to Russia. Perhaps a knighthood for a constitution ensuring she never comes back?


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