Saturday, 27 June 2009

Montessori course kicks off in Mt Eden

Yesterday we celebrated the formal opening of New Zealand’s first full-time internationally accredited face-to-face Montessori training course – in other words, the first genuine Montessori teacher-training course this country has seen, presented by the good folk at the Maria Montessori Education Foundation.

Why does that matter? Because if we’re ever going to change this culture to one that values reason over nonsense – productivity over idleness - individualism over the ant-heap of tribalism and collectivism – then Dr Montessori’s system of education, which promotes these life-giving values, will be in the vanguard.

The Montessori philosophy of education offers much more than just a philosophy of education: It is an essential aid to life. Said Dr Maria Montessori, “The first step, is then to help the child develop all his functions as a free individual and to foster that development of personality that actuates social organisation."  Which means the first first-step is to develop teachers who can do that.

That first first-step began yesterday afternoon.

Visit the Maria Montessori Education Foundation website to find out more.  In the meantime, here’s a few snaps of the opening.

Rose Phillips from the Montessori Association of NZ set the scene for the fifty or so there to celebrate the opening.RosePhillips

Stephen Arnold, the former principal of Wellington’s Athena College and now principal of Queensland’s largest Montessori secondary school flew over to do the ‘keynote’ opening honours.StephenArnold_MMEF

Carol Potts, the driving force behind setting up the course, and the fender-off of the slings and arrows of outrageous nonsense from NZQA.Carol_MMEF

And Cheryl Ferreira, one of the worlds leading Montessori trainers and the director of training for this course.  The students don’t yet know just how lucky they are!Cheryl-MMEF

And of course, no celebration would be complete without a cake.  :-)

If only your photographer hadn’t muffed his shot so badly when the MMEF trustees got together to cut it . . .



  1. Robert Winefield28 Jun 2009, 05:59:00

    Send me the original image and I should be able to adjust it for you with Photoshop or something similar.

    Congrats to Carol et. al. Here's hoping that the govt will allow you to keep it.

  2. Congratulations to those who worked so hard to bring this idea to reality. This really is an amazing achievement and I hope that blog readers who value the pure Montessori method developed by Dr Montessori get in behind this course and its students.


  3. Richard McGrath28 Jun 2009, 14:45:00

    Well done Carol et al. I can't begin to imagine how much work has gone into this. You truly deserve congratulations for furthering the cause of education in this country.

  4. Agreed. This looks like a great project. I wish you all the best success with it.

  5. All the very best to Carol & co. Congratualations.

  6. Also congratulations. :)

  7. Well done Ms Potts!

    I wondered if this is the same venue in Mt.Eden where the former Minister of Education Trev Mallard delivered his speech about the need for pre-school teachers to retrain for degree programs?

  8. Carol your committment to building this course was truly marvelous. A lesson to us all.


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