Thursday, 11 June 2009

Get your Neelam Choudary fix elsewhere

NeleemChoudhary If you want to keep up with Phil Goff’s stoush with John Key over Richard Worth’s contacts or otherwise with the “strikingly beautiful” Neelam Choudary and sundry others, there are other places you can go for that.

I don’t care what politicians might or might not do to each other after dark – I care about what they do to us right out in the open. Those are the peccadilloes that matter, right? That’s the real evil of politics, isn’t it?

Tasty pics though, don’t you think, for a shrinking violet.

Naleem, by the way, is the one pictured below at a Labour Party garden party.  She’s the one on  the left, by the way.  You can see more of her and her friends at her page at the Labour Party’s Grassroots site – at least until it’s taken down.



  1. Oh, the Labour Party Grassroots site is precious. All we need is a spoof page with a somewhat modified list of latest activities and of friends.

    Am more and more agreeing with WhaleOil's take on this as being a honey pot trap...doesn't make Worth less the idiot for falling into it (perhaps rather even more so)...

  2. Hahahaha. I'm surprised there isn't an entry for "Neelam Choudary and Richard Worth are now friends" from a few months back, and another saying "Neelam Choudary and Richard Worth are no longer friends" a week ago.

  3. This woman is at every political and ethnic cultural event in Auckland - She is a Labour Party Junkie.
    Richard Worth has always attended Indian Community Political and Cultural events and would have known that she was a Labour Party Activist.
    Why would Richard Worth have offered a job to a Labour Party Activist? - it doesnt make sense.
    There is competition between Labour and National for the hearts and minds of the Indian Community and Richard Worth being taken out of circulation will certainly change the balance.
    It is culturally quite common for Indian women to shame men who cross them in any way.
    Interesting that her husband has been convicted on dishonesty charges.

  4. "Strikingly beautiful"? You must be kidding!


  5. It's the Labour party - they love striking.


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