Thursday, 11 June 2009

Back Benches Mt Albert TV [updated]

The Back Benches show last night [watch it here] featured five Mt Albert candidates who knew virtually no details about the motorway that’s about to be built through the electorate. That’s obvious.

Debate in part two of the programme was all about the motorway, but for all the candidates knew about it host Wallace Chapman might as well have asked the beany-wearing buffoon behind him for answers – or Libertarianz  candidate Julian Pistorius who was in the crowd, but not invited to speak (so much for modern democracy, eh?  All candidates are equal, but some are made more equal than others by decisions like this).

And the real reason Mt Albert homes will be demolished for motorway construction? Says Pistorius:

    Because regulations in New Zealand now make it easier to bulldoze family homes than to touch ‘green’ areas. Plants and puddles are now more important than people. It is time to put individuals and their property rights first. That is what a free and prosperous society is based on.”
“It is obvious that without the Resource Management Act (which all but prohibits touching the mangrove swamps and minor creeks that the motorway could have gone down), the NZTA could be more creative when planning motorway routes. And to protect property rights, the Public Works Act - which allows them to steal people’s homes - should be scrapped.”

Quite right. 

And since TVNZ didn’t want him on their programme last night, you can see Julian Pistorius in action here in his campaign message to the people of Mt Albert.  Isn’t he a fine chap:

UPDATEAnnie Fox, who watched it live to air, tells me that last night’s show “was a fucking shambles.”  She always tells it like it is:

Everyone but the host was a fucking pain, especially the mob.

For those who know “Annie,” by the way, she has some new news which is not all good.

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