Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tomorrow, we are all Americans! [updated with new resources]

Writing at the No Minister blog, Fairfacts Media is dead right:Tomorrow's Tea Party Protest is Our Protest Too!!!

All taxpayers need to constantly remind political leaders that we don't want to see New Zealand swim under Brown /Obama-style red ink, or face an orgy of spending like Australia is facing, wiping out the surpluses of the Howard and Costello years, giving Australia a $100bn deficit over three years.

No, we sure as hell don't. I don't want borrowing to fund local tax cuts -- I want spending cuts to fund tax cuts. But I do want tax cuts.

So tomorrow, Americans, speak for all of us. Make the Tea Party protests a Moral Defence of Freedom:

By making sure you understand the ideological causes of today's failing policies.
UPDATE: Here's a Google Map of the more than 500 Tea Party protest sites. This is the official Tax Day Tea Party website. And since what is needed today is not just a one-off tax revolt, but an ongoing revolt against today's intellectual mainstream, here are some of the online resources needed to sustain that intellectual revolt.

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  1. I guess we should be happy that so far the extra "stimulus spending" here is New Zealand has been small, even as a percentage of GDP, compared to what is happening overseas. I just hope it stays that way. But as soon as unemployment starts to increase there will be more pressure for extra spending and then we could, sadly, go down the US/UK/Aust path :-(


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