Friday, 17 April 2009

Sketch – Inga Loyeva

3232_179051630396_651375396_6349607_7341182_n A sketch – yes, a sketch -- by Inga Loyeva, presently studying at Florence’s Angel Academy of Art: a place they actually require you to draw.  Such places do still exist.

  Have a look at her website here.  You’ll be bowled over.


  1. Wow. This woman is alive and working today? It's as if one were walking through Spain in the 12th century and came across a drawing by Ingres.

  2. Just...stunning. Wonderful stuff.

  3. And thanks for that link. We may never have seen her work otherwise.

  4. How can somebody be so good - that is incredible skill

  5. I'm gobsmacked. Absolutely incredible.

  6. Hi Peter, do you have a link that goes directly to the portrait sketch in your post by any chance? I cannot seem to find this particular one on her website anywhere. It is sublime.

  7. Wow!

    That's exactly what I thought too.

    Terry: No, it's not on her site yet. And yes, it is sublime.

  8. Brilliant Stuff, it looks so realistic!

  9. Stunning!

    - Sam P


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