Monday, 27 April 2009

Put it on the Messiah?

barack_obama_race_card From the ‘when-you-wish-upon-a-star’ file comes news that Americans’ next credit card could be backed by the ObaMessiah – a triumph, perhaps, of hope over irresponsibility. “Since apparently everything in America is going into the toilet except the public's faith in Barack Obama,” says the Atlantic Business Channel, “it seems that the way to fix everything in America is to entrust it to Barack Obama.”

The issues on the table for greater government involvement include: student lending, the car companies, car warranties, pensions, health care, banks, etc -- the list goes on. I mean, really, what's the White House going to back next, your credit card?

Um, maybe . . . which would be specially ironic given the dodgy credit-card “money laundering” by which his election campaign drew large sums.

Rumours that Obama will soon be organising dates for single Americans are as yet unconfirmed.


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  2. Mussolini with a milder tone of voice, plain and simple.


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