Tuesday, 28 April 2009

NZ political blog rankings [updated]

NZ_Rankings Tim Selwyn has finally produced his rankings for the NZ political blogosphere for March.

NOT PC maintains its position as the country’s third most popular political blog (for which I’m very grateful to all you lot who regularly visit) just behind David Farrar’s Kiwiblog and the Labour Party’s Double Standard.

Not bad, I reckon, for a blog that doesn’t pull too many punches.

There are big jumps for The Visible Hand in Economics, Barnsley Bill and MacDoctor.

And big errors (still) in both my name and the political allegiances of myself and my blog companions.

Head to Tumeke’s sidebar for the top twenty. Don’t forget to check out any you haven’t seen before – and don’t forget to ask Tim why both SOLO and Bernard Hickey’s sites are excluded.

And here are the corrections to Not PC’s details:

#3 (-) Not PC : www.pc.blogspot.com
04/2005+ "Promoting capitalist acts between consenting adults"
Peter Cresswell : Libertarian – Libertarianz : Auckland
Susan Ryder : Libertarian – Libertarianz : Auckland
Dr Richard McGrath : Libertarian – Libertarianz : Masterton
Bernard Darnton : Libertarian – Libertarianz : Christchurch

UPDATE:  Speaking of The Double Standard, Paul Walker at Anti Dismal makes a strong case for renaming them The Non-Standard.  Even by their non-standards, he says, this has got to be seriously bizarre.


  1. Congrats PC et al. Always entertaining & fingerpointing.

    - Sam P

  2. This is Tim Selwyn who went to jail for fraud?

    What's the chances he just makes all this shit up?


  3. Ah, no, dickhead. Tim went to jail for the 'crime' of sedition.

    Remember?And thank you for demonstrating once again the stature of people who make stuff up behind a screen of anonymity.

  4. "don’t forget to ask Tim why both SOLO and Bernard Hickey’s sites are excluded."

    I've heard that interest.co.nz doesn't want to be on the ranking quite yet - although I'm not sure why

  5. I think Bernard takes the official advertising rankings more seriously -- more lucrative, you see.

    Unfortunately, the name of the ranking system escapes me at the moment . . .

  6. Well done PC, outdoing Frogblog, Whaleoil and NoMinister is no mean feat.

    Anonymous, if Selwyn made it up why would it take nearly a month to do so? I know I send him my stats. I'm hoping I should improve on number 29 this time, since February was my first "proper" month back/

  7. Thanks Scott. I look forward to seeing you in the top twenty -- as you deserve to be.

  8. Bernard & I have discussed putting interest.co.nz on the Tumeke rankings. As the person who would have to compile the data and submit it I am very,very reluctant as:

    1)Based on my experience submitting Policy Blog's stats to Tumeke last year I'm not convinced about the the value or validity of the ranking methodology.

    2) As PC points out our primary focus is making money and for that purpose the only numbers that count are Nielsin numbers.

  9. http://tumeke.blogspot.com/2006/07/tim-selwyn.html

    PC you are actually incorrect on this one.

    He only did 2 months for sedition, the majority of the sentence was for fraud "dishonesty" in relation to benefit fraud using dead people's passports to claim benefits.

    I am with anonymous on this. Tim's likely to just be making this all up. It's very easy to see what the top 5 blogs would be. The rest it is a lottery of Tim's imagination.

  10. Aarrgh everything was up and I was 29 again, but April was better still. Competition clearly heating up, I'd like being number 18 again like I was for months at a time last year. It's partly about wearing the others down :)


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