Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Meet the real Ahmadinejad [updated]

06.09.19.SecurityBreach-X Mahmoud Ahmadinejad demonstrates why no rational representatives of any country attended the UN's Conference on Racism, as he seemed to confuse the conference supposedly against racism for a call for racism.

It’s a chance he obviously relished, even the UN Secretary General – a man very, very slow to take offence – saying the Iranian president used his platform to "accuse, divide, and even incite." 

But why give this nutcase the platform?

05.10.27.AhmadFinalSol-X The Iranian leader is on record as wanting to "wipe Israel off the map" -- calling for a "new wave" of Palestinian attacks to “wipe off this stigma (Israel) from the face of the Islamic world” – to “burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury” –- supporting calls from “one of Iran’s most influential ruling cleric called Friday on the Muslim states to use nuclear weapon against Israel” -- calling the formation and support of Israel a Western plot to divide the world of Islam with Israel as the pivot of this plan who have tried to blind themselves to the true sought to deny –- holding an “international” Holocaust denial conference in Tehran to continue his anti-semitic demonisation -- comments and views that commentators far and wide have sought to deny

His is a regime that stones homosexuals to death; that supports, trains and supplies terrorist organisations such as Hezbollah; where a blogger on traditional Persian music and culture, Omidreza Mirsayafi, died in prison after being jailed for speech that “insulted” the regime; where  American journalist Roxana Saberi is now being used as a pawn by the regime to test the resolve of the ObaMessiah Administration.

The only good thing about Ahmadinejad’s speech is that, perhaps, the whole world is now prepared to see him for what he really is. But what, I wonder, are they prepared to do about it?  And when?


UPDATE:  Tim Blair has more in his post Hatefest Turns Hateful:
Civilisation declined to attend the UN’s anti-Israel festival. Other representatives left once they realised what kind of atrocity they’d blundered into: 

They can’t say they weren’t warned


  1. Donno much abt the Ahmad J fella. Most impressions abt him comes from the western media anyway and that can these days be safely discounted almost 50%. Now that Iraqi WMDs which were just 45 mins away from London will never be found.

    But to describe the UN Sec Gen as a creature "very, very slow to take offence" is spot on.

    Especially when he was so so slow to check on Israeli self-defence moves into tiny Gaza in December 2008 which killed more than 1,400 Palestinians including 900 civilians. Moves which included the use of phosphorous on civilian populations. Phosphorus, as Mr Ban would know, is classified as a chemical weapon which burns up to 816 degrees Celcius and causes horrific burns and severe injuries when in contact with human skin.

    He was so slow he finally only moved when the Israelis attacked a UN-run school in the area killing 42 civilians sheltering there. And even then he could only shake his head slowly and plead for all sides, including the armed-to-the-teeth Palestinians, to show restraint.

    If we want to condemn anyone, please don't use the yardstick of the current UN Sec Gen. Like most of his predecessors he only moves when the White House, Downing Street or the rest of the civilized world tells him to.

  2. I recall reading an Iraqi blogger saying a few years ago that Persians make up around 50 to 55% of the population of Iran. The balance is split between different racial groups. Arabs Kurds whatnot.

    But the whole power structure of Iran is run by Persians the members of other Iranian ethnic groups don’t get a look in.

    Basically Iran is run based on race with all the top religious kooks being Persians.

  3. Why the walkout if he didn't actually say anyhing incorrect?

  4. It's quite simple really.

    Governments never represent the people who just happen to live in their country.

    Ahmadinejad doesn't represent Iranian people in any way. He is their oppressor and you know it.

    To pretend he is the great representative of Islam would be like saying all Americans are now socialists.

    Australians love living a police state. It represents them. hahahahahaha

    I sadly don't know the political playground of New Zeeland well enough but I'm sure you can think of whole arrays of jokes like that.

    I'm sure when your politicians do something they have your full support and you can thus therefore be addressed as if it was all your idea. hahahaha

    In Europe we are getting a political system without elections. I would have never thought people in Europe enjoyed such a thing.... hahahahaa

    The Iranian government and the Israeli government love each other. They provide a great service by showing their people how much a government is needed.

    It amazes me how people buy into this crap. I guess you must love your government blindly PC? hahahahaha


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