Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Windmill Epistemology [with a competition update]

How long since you’ve seen a decent philosophical cartoon:

Windmill Epistemology

Windmill Epistemology002 Windmill Epistemology003

Get the joke?  Greg Perkins makes the important point over at Noodle Food about the lesson to be drawn from this "sign of insanity."  It’s all about asking the right question.

[BTW, anyone who can crisply state the relationship between Perkins’s point, the existence of God, and the “science” of global warming will have earned themselves a free digital copy of The Free Radical.  Have at it!]


  1. Well funnily enough it echos a recent debate I have been having with a wavering warmist who thinks even if AGW is a myth we still should be cutting Co2 blah blah 'just in case' because it's better to be safe than sorry blah blah.

    This cartoon sums it up nicely.

  2. Sean Fitzpatrick4 Mar 2009, 13:07:00

    BTW its THIS Sean that made the above comment :o)

  3. An arbitrary assertion whether irrational or mystical ought to be dismissed as beneath consideration or argument – as not even “wrong.”

    The teaching of creationism alongside evolution, for example, or AGW.

    (Therefore one would tend not be interested in the company at most parties.)

  4. Great cartoon - some more great ones on the same site too. This one goes some way to explaining why we (they) are killing our (their) children:

  5. There are far too few cartoons that illustrate the importance of Bayesian reasoning....


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