Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Humour from the Met Office [update 2]

Eager to continue talking up the warmist fiction, the UK’s Met Office insists that Britain’s coldest winter in thirteen years should in no way lead to anyone questioning global warming.  “Global warming,” said the bureaucrats, “had prevented this winter from being even colder.”

The UK’s average mean temperature across December, January and February was 3.1C - the lowest since the winter of 1995/96, which averaged 2.5C.

UPDATE 1:  Meanwhile, back in the States … the Master Resource blog points out that the Obamessiah's cap-and-trade scam is now seen more as a revenue generator than an attempt to "save the earth."  Indeed, says David Schnare, while the warmist bubble continues to burst, the alarmists have lost the President as their alarmist-in-chief, and with him goes the entire federal government. 

    In simpler terms, faced with new science, an economic crisis, and a need for higher taxes, President Obama has burst the climate-change alarmism bubble. The Environmental Left will get a watered down cap-and-trade program, not the urgent program they insist is necessary.  Because Obama, their President, is providing half a loaf, they can’t complain. But the alarmists are now on the fringes of the policy debate and heading into a very inconvenient scientific discussion they are not going to win.

In other words, the primary question for the Messiah is not how he can save the earth, it is:  "how can I make people pay for the coming socialism."

UPDATE 2:  Tim Blair has chapter and verse on the warmists’ anti-warming march on Washington’s Capitol, the one blessed by Gaia with several inches of global warming:

    Global warming activists stormed Washington for what was billed as the nation’s largest act of civil disobedience to fight climate change, only to see the city almost shut down by a major winter storm.

You might call it game, set and match to reality.

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  1. Global Warming prevented this winter from being even colder, eh? I love that.

    Best GW laugh since Letterman back in January who said that it was "so cold that people are now throwing shoes at Al Gore!" :)


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