Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Vitamin Lab [updated]

Vitamins R-Us

Our favourite rational commentator on Natural Remedies That Work, Dr Shaun Holt, has a new venture that buyers of vitamins, pills and potions should take note of called The Vitamin Lab -- a slick website-based store through which you can access the scientific research on vitamins and other natural supplements, and then have your selected pills and potions simply and painlessly made up while you’re reading the research.

He calls it “the intelligent way to get your supplements,” and in fact it’s even easier than I’ve made it sound.  (And cheaper too than your regular supplier.)

With The Vitamin Lab you can get vitamins and supplements delivered to your door, the big difference being that all the supplements available from The Vitamin Lab have good scientific evidence that they work, and you can see this research for yourself on the website. The website shows you which supplements work for different medical conditions, or for just keeping healthy.

image001Check it out: The Vitamin Lab.

And if you’re buying and you type LIBZ into the Code Box (like Shaun’s done there on the right)then the Vitamin Lab will donate $5 from every 30-day order to Libertarianz.

See, not just a bargain, not just good for you, but principled too.  ;^)

UPDATE: National Business Review gives the concept and the business idea the once over.  And just who, I wonder is this elusive “as yet unnamed Kiwi” who’s partnering up to launch the website concept in the UK, US, Canada and South Africa?  Methinks we should be told.

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