Tuesday, 24 March 2009

LIBERTARIAN SUS: Giving it some verbal [updated]

In place of Sus’s regular column this week, we’ve got her two ZB radio appearances for you.

First, here’s her rant on Leighton Smith's programme last Fri morning, when she was forced to pick up the phone to assail the public on John Boscawen's private member's bill to overturn the anti-smacking legislation: Listen here [Sus starts about 15:30].

I’ll let you find out which side she took.

The second was by invitation, appearing on Murray Deaker’s Sunday show arranged an 'interview' on his Sunday show to discuss NZ Golf Open promoter Bob Tuohy’s call for taxpayers help him promote his tournament.

I hardly need to tell you which side she took, but listen here anyway for the way in which she said it: Listen here. Delightful.  [Sus starts about13:30 in, which includes the intro].

* * Susan Ryder appears here every week at NOT PC, in some form or another * *

UPDATE:  Susie mentions an article by NZ tennis ace Chris Lewis – former Wimbledon finalist, and coach to Ivan Lendl and, more recently, Marina Erakovic – an article on the very subject under discussion: taxpayers bailing out impecunious sportsmen and their promoters.


  1. Well done that girl. Does she remind you of Tina, PC?


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