Tuesday, 31 March 2009

"Is the Government in the Car Business?”

"Is the government in the car business?”  “Hell, no,” says Yaron Brook in this video interview at Pajamas TV:
Obamanomics vs. GM & Chrysler, and The Proper Role of Government.


  1. If the US government was in the car business, there could be no better business that General Motors.

    Inefficient, heavily unionised, incompetent management, poor products.

    Sounds just like any government department I have ever dealt with.

  2. The only real question left unanswered is whether what Obama is doing is more accurately described as socialism or fascism.

  3. Macdoctor

    GM has been inefficient, heavily unionised, cursed with many incompetant managers and staff exactly because of government. What is amazing is that GM have been able to turn out ANY product at all, let alone some that is best in class.

    There are still good people who are enthusiastic, innovative and hard working at GM. I wonder how much longer they'll stay once Obama's commisars and cultists are firmly enthroned.



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