Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Bailout bingo with ‘South Park’ [update]

As Tim ‘The Weasel’ Geithner announces plans to bail out even more over-leveraged banks, Stan from ‘South Park’ discovers how Team Obama and the Treasury Department decide to spend all their trillions [hat tip Samizdata].

[NB: The churlish blogger mis-named “Adam Smith” points out in the comments he posted this before Samizata.  So there.]

UPDATE: A reader points out another Southpark connection to Geithner: that of The Weasel’s striking resemblance to the character “Squeak” (right) in SouthPark creators’ movie Baseketball.  “Tell me Squeak doesn’t look like a young Geithner,” he says.

Squeak plays a loser that everyone shits on, a dork and can do nothing right. (So the resemblance isn’t just paper thin.) Here is a short clip of the movie to give you a taste of Geithner’s … I mean Squeak’s … character. See what you think.  Is Geithner Squeak?


  1. At the risk of being thought churlish, I would point out that I posted on this on March 27


    It is bloody funny though

  2. I said you would think me churlish.

    BTW I do find your blog stimulating, though I do not always agree with you, nor I suspect you with me.

  3. I have no idea about any degree of agreement. I don't read people who talk about "themselves" in the third person.

  4. Surprised they played the South Park card during the basketball movie for one of the psych outs. Glad to see anyone that can fit a reference for the flick in their blog. Thanks!

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