Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Dancer, I – Jean Miro


(Jean Miro, Dancer, 1925. Oil on canvas. 115.5cm x 88.5cm)

So what do you think of that, then? 


  1. It's got an unusual balance that appeals to me, and I like the blue - it achieves the desired contrast between the background and the heart without being to dark and gloomy.

    Would have preferred the dancer to be nude though.

  2. no sir, i don't like it.

  3. Not sure if the artist intended to have this effect, but it made me laugh out loud.

  4. I am a huge Miró fan - have had the lucky privilege of seeing two exhibitions of his work, I can honestly say that few painters have impacted me to the extent that Miró has. There is something quite powerful in his painting - giant, dark, shimmering fields of colour, populated with esoteric characters. More than many other painters, Miró's work hints at untold stories, and a whole deal of the pleasure of his work is in this implied narrative.

    Two thumbs up.


  5. Its rubbish. Wouldn't be worth printing on a tea towel.

  6. Well I'll tell you what happened.

    I had a look yesterday from the live bookmark and, probably because of the title, I'd confused Miro with someone else and vaguely expected a more literal sketch.

    And I keep my screen at a resolution where the whole thing doesn't fit an I had to scroll down.

    So it was in those senses a surprise and a revelation respectively. And a very pleasant one.

  7. Doesn't resonate with me...might make a nice wall paper pattern for a child's bedroom, no?

  8. I think it's beautiful!

  9. ....where is the dancer?


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