Thursday, 12 March 2009

Cramer vs not-Cramer; Holt vs Chiropractors [updated]

There are a couple of good TV feuds going at the moment you might enjoy.

The first is The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart bagging the talking heads at CNBC for doing what economic commentators do: which is, getting their predictions wrong.

  • Bob Murphy hosts Stewart’s first salvo, which as he says is more than a little harsh on Rick Santelli -- but beautifully skewers the madman that is Cramer: Jon Stewart Goes Off on CNBC.
  • Cramer responds, and as Murphy says, “the lesson here is, if Jon Stewart rips you on his show, just enjoy the attention and let it go.”  Stewart rips Cramer another one: Jon Stewart vs. CNBC (Cramer), Round 2.

(And just to ensure you don’t go away thinking it’s just CNBC’s talking economists who get things so badly wrong, let me remind you how good our local economists are at predicting things.)

So that’s the first feud; here’s the second.  Tauranga doctor Shaun Holt appears occasionally on the Breakfast show offering rational advice on natural remedies.  He looks at research, not rhetoric – which really annoys the quacks.  He looked at homeopathy, which he calls “the opposite of science.” He looked at chiropractic, found it wasn’t worth the research it was printed on, and he said so.  And naturally enough, a chiropractor took umbrage, to which Sean responded again.

Not as funny as Jon Stewart, but infinitely more thorough.

Any other good TV feuds we should know about?

UPDATE:  Mexaguil has spotted a Time magazine run-down of the top ten US TV feuds.  Fun!


Berend de Boer said...

Did you miss round 3? Didn't click on your links, as I've been following this feud as well. It's fantastic. Now Cramer is getting on Jon Stewart's show.

I must admit that The Daily Show is actually becoming funny :-)

Anonymous said...

Here is another one, James Randi vs A Psychic.

Psychic...Prove It

Anonymous said...

For every over leveraged homeowner there is a bank with professional highly paid qualified economists who set the bank's policies doing the lending. Maybe it's time some satire was pointed at the universities that trained the economists. Universities that often get funding from those same homeowner taxpayers. Stewart's original point was that the bailouts should go to home owners. Yes in the form of tax cuts for all period. It is banks and government that should be trimming their belts, not taxpayers.

mexaguil said...

Top 10 TV Feuds by Time Magazine

Anonymous said...

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Shaun Holt said...

Here's more on my debates with chiropractors...

Anonymous said...


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