Friday, 27 February 2009

Tiger attacking a wild horse - Delacroix


For romantic painters like Delacroix, the energy and violence of such an attack – expressed with such a few savage strokes to the horse’s main, and the shadows, and the background – was a physical expression of the intense emotions Delacroix sought to bring to life on canvas.


  1. Cool PC, I love your art posts. Am I alone in seeing this painting and thinking of Rodin?

  2. PC,

    I saw this article on architectural sketching and thought you might like it:

    It reminds me of the claim an elderly american architect made to me back in '99 that he thought CAD was evil: when he drew a vague line across the back of a sketch he meant "something that draws the eye across goes vaguely here" rather than anything precise, and CAD pushed him into a precision and decision-making that he didn't want at that stage. He really liked architectural sketches that were sketches.


  3. Nice picture!, need it for an art observational drawing and trial sessions. :D


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