Thursday, 26 February 2009

Buy now!

tas_storeclosingpage The Atlas Society is closing. What this means for those of you who want to stock up on Objectivist (and Objectivish) books, tapes, lectures and CDs, then you now get forty percent off everything.  Forty percent! 

Sure, it makes less of a difference now that the NZ dollar has become the Pacific Peso once again, but there’s still some real bargains to be had.  Go take a look.

Who can resist bargains like these at forty percent off?


  1. Shouldn't we be saving, or investing in productive assets in these uncertain times? Or do you think every little bit of fiscal stimulus helps?

  2. Nice pun,

    Is the whole society closing down or just the store? And which one is The Atlas Society? Is that David Kelley?


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